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We offer every service needed for the correct Amazon sales management, focused on every kind of company.

From big companies settled in the markets, to new brands that want to develop a digital channel.

Whether you are a wholesaler, distributor or manufacturer, Nozama is your Amazon Agency in Spain to help you sell all over the world.


We have learnt many things, but the most important one is that we have done it thanks to our own work methodology that allows us to adapt to your company to achieve success on Amazon faster.


Would you have ever thought of having a team of 120 experts on Amazon committed to your company? An account manager will be coordinating an entire team of content writers, campaign designers, translators, experts on Amazon’s logistics, customer service, invoicing and order tracking among others.


At Nozama we have managed sales business worth more than 500 000 000 € (£ 450 000 000) in the past few years. These are astonishing numbers, but nothing compared to the growth of Amazon. Contact us to learn about more precise results of business lines and types of products.

How to sell on Amazon?


If you do not know how to sell on Amazon or you already do it but you need the help of a professional team, Nozama will help you advance in the largest marketplace in the world, managing it in an easier and more productive way, as we will take care of everything so that your products can be sold fast and easily.


Selling on Amazon Spain, France, Germany, England, Italy, United Kingdom, USA, Mexico, or Canada as a company is not an easy task to manage.


With Nozama you don’t have to worry about whether your catalogue is well or badly published, national and international logistics, managing reviews or blocked accounts. In other words, you no longer have to worry about managing the complexity of the marketplace giant. At Nozama we take care of all that and much more, as we have designed a 360 service package that will help you with everything you need.


Nozama is the best international Amazon agency with clients in more than 16 countries and managing Seller and Vendor accounts in – – – – – – – – – –

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Why selling on Amazon?


During 2020, Amazon’s growth due to the Covid-19 pandemic has been massive. Now, more than ever, a strong presence in the digital channel is necessary, and Amazon is the world’s largest platform to do so.


On the other hand, the option of «doing nothing» is no longer an option, as products of any brand end up being sold on Amazon through independent sellers who upload the product on their Amazon shop. As a result, the decision for manufacturers has pivoted to «How to be in the best position possible on Amazon«.


So, are you going to miss the opportunity of placing your products in the world’s largest sales channel?


Amazon is the best showcase to sell your products, but not just in an old way. Nozama is THE BEST AMAZON AGENCY to make your management in the marketplace a success, presenting your products in the way your company decides.


Don’t ask yourself whether to sell your products on Amazon, ask yourself how you would like them to be represented and who will manage your account.

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Nozama Solutions has the answer to these two questions




Amazon is currently the largest international marketplace in terms of volume and this is due to multiple factors, including its good customer service, the speed of delivery of its orders and the fact that it sells everything at very competitive prices for the final customer.


The main objective is to be the reference for customers who want to buy online.


Yes, you read that right. Being the reference, not having the «cheapest products», in fact their logo is a «nod» to this vocation of having «all» the products (as you can see, the arrow goes from A to Z, meaning that you will probably find from A to Z all the products you are looking for). Customers know this and already have a significant network of followers who have stopped buying from traditional online shops and buy exclusively from Amazon because of the peace of mind and confidence they receive.


Your products can be sold on Amazon, and in fact we recommend that you do it as soon as possible, because any reseller can upload them. But you will need an Amazon agency to manage and help you with the complexity of product listing and customer management. Keep in mind that Amazon is much more than just «posting» products, you also have to take into account the quality of customer service.

¿Por Qué Amazon es el Mejor Marketplace para Vendedores de Comercio Electrónico_

Who is the seller of the products we can find on Amazon?


But there is something you may not know and this is that more than half of the products you see on Amazon’s pages are not sold directly by Amazon, but by third party companies and entrepreneurs and this person could be you.

Take a look at these statistics if you are still not convinced (Figures at the end of 2019, we will update the 2020 figures soon):


  • Amazon’s sales reached 280.000 million € (£, 58% of them came from sellers outside Amazon.
  • 150,6 million users use the mobile application.
  • More than 100 million people are subscribed to Amazon Prime.
  • Every second Amazon sells $4.722 (£ 3.450), every minute $283 .000 (£ 206.000), and every hour more than $17.000.000 (£ 12.400.000).
  • More than 225.000 external sellers (this could be you) sold more than $100.000 (£ 7.000). This is 15% more than in 2018. This means that maybe your competitors have already started to sell as part of the 15% of new sellers each year….
  • Due to the Covid -19 pandemic, the number of sellers is expected to grow by 30% in 2021 (twice as much as last year).


This is why every day there are more and more companies that want to take the plunge into selling on Amazon.

The best option is to hire a specialist Amazon agency like Nozama.

Selling on Amazon with Nozama


NOZAMA has more than 9 years of experience working with the 7 Amazon platforms in Europe as well as the American platforms in USA, Mexico and Canada.


We help you sell your products on Amazon, protect your brand and ensure that the visibility of your products is as the company has established. The goal is that you can focus on the development of your products and we focus on the strategy and implementation of the sale on Amazon.


From the entire management of your Vendor or Seller account on Amazon, to the support in individual services such as catalogue creation, translation, pictures, videos, advertising, logistics, shipping, customer service, invoicing, or complaints to Amazon, we are a 100% specialised agency on Amazon with 360º services.


We know that the relationship with a customer as demanding as Amazon is complicated, so we have specialised in this management so that you can focus on your products. We don’t just focus on the publishing and marketing vision, we also cover the operations, so that the final result is profitable for your company.

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We have gained this experience after 9 years of working with Amazon, managing accounts for third parties, but above all managing our own accounts, handling our own marketing budgets, product purchasing, manufacturing, logistics, shipping, payment, etc. In conclusion, we put at your disposal the first hand experience of a company dedicated to selling on Amazon for more than 9 years.


Would you leave the management of your accounts in the hands of someone who has not managed their own accounts?


Our goal is to help you manage your Amazon Vendor account. To do this, we can handle all the management of the account, your relationship and associated services, allowing you to focus on your product portfolio or take care of part of the services. We will take care of increasing your sales, with no risk for your company, as payment for our services is only associated with the sales success we achieve. Either by taking care of the entire management of your Amazon account or by supporting you in specific services that you do not know, do not want or cannot attend (creation of NIS templates to upload a catalogue, understanding, avoiding and disputing service chargebacks and managing Amazon returns properly among others).


Give us a call or send us an email and we will arrange a meeting to understand more about how we can help you. Nozama is the Amazon agency that your company needs.

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Contact us and take advantage of our experience as the best Amazon Agency.