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Amazon Business: Amazon increases its sales of office supplies in the wake of the pandemic


After experiencing a boost in sales driven by growing online demand and businesses seeking volume discounts, Amazon plans to expand its global presence in the office supplies sector.

In this article, we’ll tell you what Amazon Business is and how it has evolved from its inception in 2015 to the present day, with a special focus on its adaptation process during the COVID-19 era.

We’ll also see what led Jeff Bezos’ company to study the idea of increasing its presence in the sale of business supplies.


What is Amazon Business?

In the digital era, companies are constantly looking for innovative solutions to simplify their processes and increase their efficiency. One of these solutions, Amazon Business is an online shopping platform designed specifically to meet the purchasing needs of businesses and organisations of all sizes.

Amazon officially launched it in April 2015 in the United States and from there, it expanded to several countries in Europe (Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, France and Italy) and the rest of the world (Australia, Canada, Japan, India, Brazil, etc.).

The benefits of Amazon Business for companies are as follows:

  • Wide selection of products: This platform has millions of products, from office supplies to specialised equipment, allowing businesses to find everything they need in one place.
  • Competitive pricing: Amazon Business customers can access great prices and volume discounts on all their products, allowing them to save and maximise their budget.
  • Personalised shopping experience: Amazon Business offers features that make it easier for businesses to manage purchases. Among other advantages, we can mention the option to create multi-user accounts, establish purchasing policies or track their expenses.
  • Variety of payment options: With the aim of making companies’ spending more flexible, the platform offers the option to pay for purchases in several ways: with commercial credit cards, with credit lines and with payment by invoice.

Similarly, customers can benefit from additional advantages such as fast delivery or personalised assistance to detect their needs and find the option that best suits them.


Evolution of Amazon Business with the pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon Business experienced a significant increase in demand as restrictions like social distancing became more and more severe.

It was necessary (and also mandatory) to maintain security measures between employees in workplaces. As a result, and thanks to the ability to purchase these supplies online, companies were investing more resources in Amazon Business such as personal protective equipment, disinfectants and other products related to worker health and safety to keep their operations running.

With the arrival of working from home, the scenario didn’t change. Companies were forced to purchase the necessary equipment (laptops, keyboards, paper, ink, etc.) to carry out activities from home.

As we all know, the pandemic wreaked economic havoc on a large number of companies worldwide. In this context, Amazon Business provided volume discounts that benefited its customers around the world in terms of savings and overheads.

With COVID-19 becoming a thing of the past, Amazon Business still continues to grow at an unstoppable rate. It’s been able to detect the demands of businesses and offer them a variety of essential supplies. This resulted in a profit of $35 billion in sales last year.


Why is Amazon expanding into business supplies?

As we’ve seen, in the aftermath of the pandemic, companies have used e-commerce as their main purchasing channel. This has led Amazon to expand further, offering more choice and improving the shopping experience.

Also, the good results have been replicated in all the markets in which Amazon Business operates. This is why the e-giant is also considering the possibility of increasing its geographical presence in order to reach a greater number of businesses around the world.

As you can see, Amazon Business emerged as an effective solution to businesses’ needs during the pandemic. Over time, the platform has continued to develop and adapt to the purchasing needs of organisations of all sizes. Despite the success of its programme, Amazon Business still isn’t done and is already planning to expand into other countries and offer even more products for workplaces around the world.


Now that you know all the advantages of Amazon Business and how it has expanded the world of office supplies sales, it’s time to find out how Nozama can help you expand your business. Contact us!