Amazon DSP 1

Amazon DSP: Demand Platform


  • Allows you to create display, audio and video ads.
  • Audio ads are the most demanded format by audiences.


Amazon DSP is an on-demand platform that allows companies to buy ads programmatically in display, audio or video format.

The service is available to advertisers who sell products on Amazon as well as those who do not. It is also very effective in reaching new audiences and expanding market share in other sales channels both on and off Amazon.

In this sense, brands can make their own customised ads or select other unique options within the platform such as the creative material generator for video or e-commerce.

Also, companies can measure the performance of campaigns with statistics provided by Amazon. The reports provide reach, frequency and visibility data as well as industry standard statistics.

Elsewhere, complementary analytics can be performed using other in-house tools such as the Amazon Marketing Cloud.

Which channels to use for audio ads


Audio ads are a highly effective advertising format to help brands grow and connect with customers without using screens. The spots are played during breaks between content and last between 10 to 30 seconds.

On the other hand, advertising on Alexa has a big impact, with music getting the highest percentage of user interaction as reported by Amazon itself.

And another option the marketplace provides in its quality inventory is: creating «Premium» audio content.

Relevant information on audio ads


85% of US consumers own smart speakers and use them to play audio on a regular basis, according to Jeff Bezos’ company.

Also in its platform it states that from Q1 2020 to Q2 2021, audio campaigns had 1.9 times more brand awareness than other media in the digital audio sector.

Patrick Givens, Amazon’s product marketing manager for audio ads, states on the platform that: «the user interacts with audio content very often throughout the day, especially at home.»

How the user responds to Amazon audio ads


Today, audio plays a fundamental role in people’s emotional lives. We typically use playlists for driving, sports, news or even work, and podcasts for learning, laughing or inspiration.

Audio is a format that has a strong connection with people today. That’s why Amazon and Wondery collaborated with neuroscience marketing firm MindProber in their study to gather data and learn about the relationship of 180 US consumers, over the age of 18, with this content.

According to the report, listeners experienced positive emotions after listening to the audio streaming. The most frequently mentioned states of mind were: happiness, optimism, safety and joy.

Also, they made a comparison of sound channels using the portable measurement device to analyse the user interaction rate per media channel. In this regard, a comparison was made between broadcast, linear TV and streaming audio to see which had the greatest influence on the audience.

Streaming audio recorded its record high, achieving 100% interaction, i.e. 1.6 times higher than broadcast benchmarks and 1.4 times higher than linear TV benchmarks.

Based on all this data, brands are looking to connect with the customer using devices such as Alexa, Amazon Music or podcasts to create personalised messages, better connect with audiences and dig deeper into user preferences.