El programa “Suscríbete y ahorra” de Amazon para vendedores.

Amazon’s «Subscribe & Save» programme for sellers

  • The «Subscribe & Save» programme allows Amazon customers to sign up for regular deliveries of products they purchase frequently. Subscribers get a base discount on their deliveries, which is financed by you as the seller.
  • To qualify for this programme your products must be shipped under Amazon’s logistics.
  • Customers who receive three or more subscriptions in one delivery will achieve tier status, which will grant additional savings on all products in their delivery.
  • If you are an Amazon Logistics seller and would like to participate in «Subscribe & Save» you will need to meet the eligibility requirements as outlined on Amazon. By participating in the programme, you agree to the terms and conditions subject to the programme.

The «Subscribe & Save» programme helps increase sales by attracting customers looking for convenient shopping experiences at competitive prices. You will also build trust with repeat buyers who are already committed to your brand.

Manage your account

Generally, it is Amazon itself that automatically includes products in the programme, based on its sales history, good performance in the supply chain or product characteristics (supplements, vitamins, proteins, cosmetics, stationery…) that are more likely to be purchased on a recurring basis. You can request the inclusion of the catalogue through direct contact, then it is Amazon who evaluates which products are interesting.

Once we check that our items are in the programme, we can manage the discounts to be applied, send inventory or set aside the items from the programme. In Seller accounts we can access through this route: Growth > Fulfilment Programs > Subscribe and Save.

By contrast, in Vendor accounts we do not have a management panel as in Seller. The application for inclusion in the programme and the management of the items (extension/decrease of discounts, removal of the item from the programme) are made exclusively through direct contact with Amazon.

How discounts are applied and types of orders

Buyers receive a base discount of at least 5% from the third delivery onwards. The programme applies only to Amazon logistics products (FBA or Vendor). Adjustable discounts of 0%, 5% and 10% by the seller and on the third recurring order, Amazon discounts 5% to the buyer with a maximum discount of 15% (on some childcare items up to 20%). It should be noted that in Vendor accounts, the adjustable discount of between 0% and 10% is on the final selling price of the product on the Amazon platform.

There are two types of Subscribe & Save orders: Subscription initiation orders and replenishment requests. Subscription sign-up orders are the initial orders with which customers subscribe to a product. Please note that in order for your «Subscribe & Save» offer to be displayed for a product you must have won the Buy Box. Replenishment orders are automatically created according to the frequency set by the customer. Subscribe & Save customers can set up shipments at intervals of one to six months.

As a retailer, being in the «Subscribe & Save» programme will bring you multiple benefits as shoppers tend to spend on average 212% more on brands enrolled in the programme, these brands have an average of 19.9% higher sales than non-enrolled brands.

Nozama can help you to manage the inclusion of your products in this programme, as well as the integral management of your account.