Boxing Day is here again to shake Amazon up

Boxing Day is here again to shake Amazon up

Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Prime Day are some of the biggest shopping events within the year but we can’t forget that our own Boxing Day is still one of the big favourites when it comes to shopping sprees.

As Boxing Day approaches, people are starting to try and guess the best deals Amazon is going to offer during the sales this year. It is believed that Amazon will offer big discounts in almost every category, but Electronics, Beauty, Baby and Home and Garden will continue to be the big players. The marketplace giant will use its own Amazon Echo or Kindle devices to advertise items at up to 50% off.

How does Boxing Day do on Amazon?

Traditionally, Boxing Day has been the most important shopping day in the UK and we foresee that the 2021 campaign will not fall short of previous years.

Even though the long queues in the streets before the shops were even open to the public have been a common sight, the past years have shown us that online shopping is becoming people’s favourite option.

Among other factors, the Covid-19 pandemic has encouraged this tendency, making a 68% of Brits declare their intentions of doing their shopping from the confort of their home.

Same as with Amazon’s Black Friday, sales volume increases for brands that list their products on the UK platform on Boxing Day. Jeff Bezos’ company wants to make the most of the benefits that this event generates and, as it has done in previous years, is expected to hold «Amazon’s Boxing Day Sales», which shall take place from the 24th to the 31st December.

During this Boxing Week, Amazon launches offers on products at lower prices, which tend to sell out rather quickly. Although it does so in almost all categories, it establishes some «Top deals» in the most popular items: televisions, laptops, smartwatches, headphones and gaming accessories.

Why should you take advantage of Boxing Day on Amazon?

If you want to make the most of your listings, you should know that sales volume increases notably for brands that offer discounts or special deals in the Amazon UK platform on Boxing Day

Last year Amazon was the e-commerce or marketplace which received the most traffic, reaching a daily average of more than 3 million visits on the 26th and Brits were thought to spend more than £2 billion on their shopping for this event.

Furthermore, when asked,a third of the UK population claimed that the offers in the post-Christmas sales period are better than those seen on Black Friday or Cyber Monday and, as a result, they have already expressed their intention to spend more on this particular sale.

Make the most of the Christmas season and get ready to increase your sales during Amazon’s Boxing Day Sales. Nozama can help you optimise your product catalogue for Amazon UK. Also, we share with you the keys to understand how Brexit affects Amazon.