Brand Registry

Brand Registry: why it’s fundamental and its advantages

  • Brand registry is something indispensable if you want to boost your image and improve the performance of your products on Amazon.
  • It unlocks a package of benefits and tools that can be decisive in making important decisions about your products.

Brand Registry is a programme designed to enable manufacturers and owners who have their own brand to register it and sell their products directly. This gives access to a number of tools and advantages that can help both to develop and enhance the brand, and to protect it from counterfeits and imitations. We tell you all about it below.

Multiple advantages that will make the difference between your products and the rest

Amazon has developed a number of tools and options that, as a manufacturer and owner of your own brand, will give you a certain advantage over your competitors and users who are merely product distributors. They are as follows:

  • A+ content: this is a tool that helps sellers to complete the detail pages and maximise sales. It consists of a layout of content which includes text, photographs, and videos. According to Amazon’s own data, an A+ page can increase sales between 3% and 10%. It also allows you to showcase your brand story, as well as highlight product features or include comparative tables.
  • Brand Store: allows you to promote your brand through a multi-page store within Amazon’s own marketplace. Here you can include all your products in one place that is quick and accessible for your customers.
  • Brand Story: this function allows the brand to be publicised via a slider located below the product description. In this way, we can strengthen the connection with customers and help them to identify our values.
  • Sponsored Brands: these are advertising campaigns of up to three products chosen by you, accompanied by your logo and the headline of your choice.
  • Brand Analytics: Amazon’s brand analytics service provides very useful and effective data for strategic decision making. This includes, for example, reports on customers’ search terms or how they behave within Amazon.
  • Vine Programme: this programme has been designed to provide customers with assistance when purchasing products. It is made up of a number of users (Vine Voices) who are invited by Amazon to be part of this project based on how useful their reviews have been to other users, who are provided with the products free of charge in exchange for independent opinions. This helps new items to be reviewed without having to wait for someone to buy the product, get it home, use it for a while and then decide to write a review.

Protection against counterfeits and imitations

Amazon’s Brand Registry programme also includes an effective protection service against fakes and counterfeits masquerading as registered trademarks.

Firstly, it allows the creation of more accurate listings, allowing you to have control over the detail page so that your customers can see more accurate information. This allows you to reduce the number of returns, improve product visibility, and take measures to avoid product blockages.

Secondly, it offers proactive brand protection. To do this, an automated system based on information you provide yourself is used to remove suspicious and inaccurate content that may appear on the Amazon marketplace.

Finally, the Transparency Programme is a service that helps to identify products individually and to prevent possible counterfeits from reaching the final consumer.

If you have found this useful and would like us to help you with Brand Registry as well as with everything related to the sale of your products, and thus turn your brand into a reference inside and outside the world of Amazon, contact Nozama Solutions, the leading global platform in Amazon account management.