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Business Prime Duo: What is it and what are its advantages?


Amazon is a platform where we all have a place: buyers, sellers, large businesses, small family-owned companies, movie lovers, music enthusiasts, compulsive readers… Everyone has a space, no matter what their goal is in using it.

When it comes to professionals and businesses, Amazon Business is a tool from Amazon that helps simplify the purchasing processes for companies and organizations looking to carry out the acquisition of a range of products in a controlled manner with specific handling of their processes.

Just like in the rest of its subscriptions, there is also a Prime option in Business, an alternative that offers five different plans that adapt to various sizes and needs, all of them providing fast and free shipping, Guided Buying, and much more.

But that’s not all, because Amazon also offers the Business Prime Duo plan, which we’ll tell you about below.


What is Business Prime Duo?

Duo is a Business Prime plan that is available for free to Amazon Prime members. This plan is designed for individual users, small businesses, or sole proprietors who want to make their business and personal purchases from the same account but in an organized and separate manner. This alternative allows Business users to maintain control over all their purchasing activities, both personal and professional, saving time and money with the confidence of using a comprehensive and professional tool.

Advantages of Business Prime Duo

One of the main goals that entrepreneurs or sole proprietors seek in their operations is saving time and money in their processes. This is something that Duo offers its members, as it keeps personal and commercial purchases separate, streamlining, organizing, and keeping payments clear for tax purposes.

When making online purchases, users seek convenient transactions and fast deliveries. In the case of personal purchases, waiting can be tedious, and this can be amplified when making purchases for a business. That’s why Amazon offers a shopping experience tailored to your needs with the Business Duo plan, ensuring fast and efficient deliveries, so nothing goes wrong.

Furthermore, if all of the above wasn’t enough, with this plan, you have access to digital benefits like Prime Video available for your personal account. Business Prime Duo offers you the best of both worlds with a single subscription, so your user experience is complete, and you won’t miss out on anything.

How does Business Prime Duo work?

The first thing to consider when getting Business Prime Duo is that you must have two different accounts created with two different email addresses. First, you should have a personal account with an active Amazon Prime subscription. Once you have that account, you’ll need to create a free Amazon Business account. It’s important to note that to have an Amazon Business account, you must have a verified business account.

Another thing to keep in mind when benefiting from Business Prime Duo is that your personal Amazon Prime account must be registered in the same country domain as the Amazon Business account, meaning they must be registered in the same country. If not, you won’t be eligible for the Business Prime Duo.


If you have a small business and want to manage your purchases through Amazon while enjoying all the benefits your personal Prime subscription offers, Business Prime Duo is all you need. You’ll have everything you love from your personal account along with the best service for your business through Business Prime. Keep control of your accounts and save time and money in your professional operations while enjoying your personal purchases.

Your moment has arrived—grow with Amazon!

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