Cómo fidelizar a tus clientes en amazon

Customer loyalty as a conversion strategy on Amazon

  • Creating a successful loyalty programme is the best marketing strategy
  • Design a business model adapted to customer demands.

A company’s failure is assured if the customer’s shopping experience is not positive. Therefore, every business should create a customer loyalty plan tailored to the needs of its customers in order to satisfy their desires, retain them and encourage them to recommend it to other potential customers.


Offer the customer a good shopping experience

Working on customer loyalty is cheaper than developing lead acquisition strategies. The return on investment is assured, i.e. the company invests less in advertising and branding because the customer already knows our brand. Also, they know how to buy on the platform and which products meet their demands, so it is easier to encourage them to buy again than it would be to encourage another user who does not know us.

So, if a customer increases their purchase frequency, spreads brand awareness and reputation and also promotes our products and services among their circle of contacts in a natural way, it leads to new customers and boosts sales and even viralisation.

Certainly, it is best to have your customers be promoters of your brand to reduce your CAC (customer acquisition cost), one of the best marketing strategies.


Conduct market research and get to know your customers.

Not all customers are looking for the same thing, it is advisable to know their tastes and preferences in order to design adapted content strategies, offer them what they expect from your business and thus encourage that sense of permanence.

In this case, content creation is the best tool to reach the final recipient. From this resource we generate answers to: How the lead behaves in the buying process, what they are looking for, what they want from the company and whether they finally find what they need. The key is to measure all user impacts on the platform with monitoring tools to implement conversion strategies and create awareness among different targets.


Amazon Loyalty Strategies

Amazon has become one of the largest search engines in the world by adapting its services to the tastes and preferences of the buyer and making the buying process easy. It has also created community and a sense of permanence among the marketplace’s sellers and buyers.

On the other hand, their customer service is impeccable. The platform has a community of millions of users giving their opinion daily on its unlimited catalogue of products and receiving immediate feedback. A reality that Jeff Bezos expresses as «obsess about the customer and not the consumers» and that is the guarantee of his success.

Thus was born Amazon Prime, a flagship programme where the user can exclusively use Premium Services.  In fact, the customer perceives it as a privilege and is willing to pay a fee to enjoy all the benefits of this service.

It is worth noting that thanks to the e-commerce giant’s loyalty programme, online shopping is now more popular than ever. Now is the ideal time to commit to digital transformation and media convergence.