Amazon Brand Analytics


  • Feature available only to Amazon-registered sellers
  • The reports provide detailed data on search terms, item comparisons or customer behaviour


If you are a trademark owner, have a Vendor account and want to know more, keep reading. At Nozama Solutions today we explain you all the secrets that Brand Analytics hides.

But what does it consist of?


It is a tool that provides information about your campaigns with which you can measure and monitor the actions executed on the platform, and from this data make strategic decisions. This will help you to carry out new actions to improve the positioning of your products. It can be accessed from the “Brands” tab in Seller Central and from “Reports” in Vendor Central.

This data can be of great help in making decisions related to listings, campaigns and marketing strategies, among others. This information covers a wide range of aspects, from a comprehensive sales review to customer behaviour, from the performance of your marketing operations to market trends.

Optimise your business strategy based on the data


Data never lies, using it judiciously to conduct market research in the sector in which you operate will help you identify new niches and study key factors that directly affect sales. In this way, you can gain a competitive advantage that can be crucial to your business model.

The following reports are available within Amazon Brand Analytics:

Amazon search terms: show you how customers find your products and those of your competitors. You also have the chance to discover which products are getting the most clicks and conversions, find the most popular search terms during certain periods, etc.

Recurring purchase behaviour: with this report you can analyse how consumers have behaved on the Store, how often they have consumed new items and how they have reacted to market trends throughout their activity on the platform.

Market shopping basket analysis: provides us with information related to the most frequently purchased products along with our own. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to make decisions related to cross-selling.  It includes the 3 main products.

Product comparison and alternative purchase: This report shows you a comparison between the most purchased, most viewed and least interacted products. Specifically, it shows the top 5 products that have been most popular with your target audience and also provides their purchase percentage. It should be noted that only those products whose brand is registered on Amazon will appear in the report.

Finally, in the ASIN search box at the top of the report, you can search for products specifically.

Did you know about Amazon Brand Analytics? Get the most out of the data it provides you with.