Amazon listing quality control panel

Amazon listing quality control panel. How can it help you?

  • It offers a more complete description of your products. It adds the attributes that Amazon recommends to you through the Quality Control Panel of your listings.
  • It reduces returns, improves the visibility of your items and takes the necessary measures to prevent your products from being blocked in your customers’ search results.


Optimising your Amazon listings is a key task to do if you want your potential customers to find your items in their searches and decide to buy them. The more relevant and accurate information you provide on the product detail page, the easier it will be for them to make a favourable purchasing decision.

In the Amazon Listing Quality Control Panel you will find a series of recommendations to help you complete and improve the information about your products. Here’s how it works and how important it is.

What is the Amazon Listing Quality Control Panel?

In its efforts to improve buyer satisfaction and facilitate the work of sellers operating on its platform, Amazon has introduced the Listing Quality Control Panel. This new functionality detects product listings that are missing information relevant to the customer and displays the attributes it thinks you should incorporate.

This function allows you to improve the quality of listings or review listings at risk. In the first case, it shows you different fields with descriptions of the attributes to be filled in and the reason or advantage of including them. In the second case, it tells you the mandatory attributes that you must include before a certain date to avoid your listing being removed from the search results. In both cases, the suggested or required attributes depend on the type of product you are selling and its category.

How does it work?

Access the Listing Quality Control Panel from your Seller Central homepage. Select the “Inventory” tab and choose “Inventory management”. There, you will see your listings sorted according to the volume of sales and visits they have received in the last 30 days. You can also search for them by product or filter them by type of recommendation.

Include the missing specifications for each product manually or edit your listings in bulk via a file. If you feel that any of the attributes listed by Amazon are not necessary or relevant to your product, you can omit them.

Once you add the new fields, they will take less than an hour and a half to update. After this time, customers will see these changes on the product detail page, just after the title and before the bullet points.

Why is it important to include Amazon recommendations?

Attributes work as search filters and classify your products to show them to the customer according to their characteristics. Including the information that Amazon requires or recommends in your listings will improve the visibility of your product. You will ensure that the customer will see your article as long as it meets the requirements they have filtered in their search results.

Including attributes in your listings will also activate the “Product Overview” function. This new widget will appear on the detail pages of certain products, highlighting their most important specifications below the title and above the bullet points. Thanks to this feature, Amazon users will be able to consider their purchase more quickly and easily.

Another major advantage of completing your listings with attributes is that it minimises returns. Amazon considers that the main reason why customers often return products is because essential information about them is missing from their detail pages.

For certain products, Amazon will highlight in this dashboard the mandatory information that you must add to your product listing within a certain period of time if you do not want to interrupt your sales. Thanks to this new functionality, you will be able to take urgent actions to control your listings at risk and avoid their possible removal from the search results.

As these recommendations made by Amazon are updated in real time, we advise you to access your control panel at least twice a week to check them. Nozama helps you to upload your listing to Amazon, optimise your content and improve the visibility of your products to increase your sales.

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