How do I register my trademark on Amazon

How do I register my trademark on Amazon?

  • Registering your brand on Amazon will allow you to protect, analyse and promote your business to grow and convey confidence to your potential customers.
  • If you meet the basic requirements, you can log in to Amazon’s Brand Registry service to register your brand and gain access to powerful branding tools.


Registering your brand on Amazon is essential in order to protect it from other sellers trying to offer your products on Amazon. On the one hand, it will allow you to remove counterfeits from your articles or block inaccurate content about them, and on the other hand, it will help you to convey more trust and credibility to users using the platform.

If you are wondering how you can do this, read on. Here are the requirements you need to meet and the steps you need to take to register your trademark through Amazon’s Brand Registry service.

What are the basic requirements for registering a trademark on Amazon?

In order to register your brand on Amazon, although it may seem obvious, you will first need to have an account with Amazon Seller Central or Amazon Vendor Central.

Thereafter, if you are the owner of the trademark, you must have it actively registered with the relevant agency in the country or territory for which you want to register it on Amazon. In the case of the United Kingdom, this will be at the Intellectual Property Office (IPO).

Once you have registered it with the relevant body, you will receive a confirmation with a registration reference number associated with your trademark and a series of data that Amazon will require in order to complete the registration of your trademark on its platform. It is a good idea to have them at hand before logging into the Amazon Brand Registry and starting the registration process.

What steps do I have to take to complete the registration?

Once you are logged into your Amazon account, you must go to the brand registration section. The first thing Amazon will ask you for is your brand name. It must appear on your products or on the packaging of your products and it must be the same as the one you used in the registration at the patent office.

It will then ask you for the trademark registration number provided by the intellectual property office where you have registered the trademark. If you have done it through an international patent office, you must also indicate the country in which you have done it.

Furthermore, Amazon will ask you to specify whether your mark is word or graphic, that is, whether it is based solely on a name with text or whether it is associated with images that include words, letters and numbers.

It will also ask you for the ASIN of one of your branded products in your catalogue. Once you have done this, you must indicate information regarding the type of products you sell under this brand, the countries in which your products are presented, the distributors that are authorised by you to sell your products on Amazon or other channels, or the possibility that you may offer your licence to other companies that manufacture your branded products.

Once you have submitted all the information requested by Amazon, your brand will enter a verification process that usually takes 7-14 days to resolve. If, during this period, Jeff Bezos’ company considers that you have all the rights to register your trademark on its platform, it will send a verification code to the email account that registered the trademark with the competent body, which you will need to complete your registration.

Once your brand is properly registered on Amazon, a number of tools will be unlocked within your Seller or Vendor account to help you realise its full potential.

Among other things, you can create A+ content on Amazon detail pages to tell your brand story or provide your customers with more engaging information about your products. You will be able to launch Sponsored Brand campaigns to increase your potential customers’ awareness of your brand. You will have your own Amazon shop to promote your brand and products. And you will have access to brand metrics to generate reports based on objective data with which you can make decisions and strategies to increase your business.

Nozama can help you register your brand and make the most of these branding tools on Amazon. We also tell you how to protect it against copyright infringement or unauthoriseduse