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Nozama Logistics was born as a Nozama Solutions department to provide a 360º solution to all shipping problems

Storing or preparing the product and then sending it, either to the final customer or to Amazon’s warehouses, sounds simple but there are many aspects to control and optimise when it comes to Amazon, where the quality of customer service is everything. Nozama Logistics was born as the Nozama Solutions department to provide a 360º solution to all these aspects. We could not forget about shipments, both to Amazon (Fullfilment centres or FBA warehouses) and to final customers, anywhere in the world with FBM shipments. For these we have partnered up with DHL, allowing us to offer the best delivery service for both companies and individuals at very competitive rates.


Stock control, picking, packing, labelling, re-stocking, temporary storage, import-export of products, B2B, B2C shipments, Nozama Logistics has the 360º solution to meet Amazon’s requirements.



Nozama Logistics has three logistics and warehousing centres to provide solutions for our customers. If you do not have a warehouse in the region or would prefer us to store your products before they are shipped to the final customer or Amazon, you can count on our warehousing solutions for your products.


We work with almost every product category on Amazon, so we can provide a solution for your product:

Beauty, Nutrition, Dietetics, Parapharmacy, Sports, Textile, Footwear, Childcare, Wines and Alcoholic Beverages, Electronics, Home and Garden, DIY, Motor and Automotive and Toys are some of the categories that are already in our stores.

If your product has bulky dimensions and you have problems with deliveries to Amazon, ask us as we have designed a specific solution for this type of product in cooperation with Amazon.

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Logísticas y envíos Amazon



Once the order is in place and it is time to do the picking of the product, we will do it for you (if it is stored in our facilities.


We have trained our team for the correct handling of the products and our logistics and shipping software designed for Amazon will make order picking and crossdocking tasks easier.



Whether it is to be sent to the final customer or to Amazon’s warehouses (Fulfillment Centers), you must take into account Amazon’s regulations. We do it for you.


For the shipment of the product to the final customer, we will prepare it as required for shipment following the guidelines of both Amazon and the shipping company.


For the shipment of the product to Amazon warehouses (either because it is a Vendor PO, or because you want to send a product to FBA), our team will prepare it and its package (Bulk or Pallet) in the way that Amazon requires. This way you will avoid charges (Amazon Chargebacks) for non-compliance with preparation policies.

Amazon logística y envíos
Envíos y logística Amazon



Shipments to final customer


For shipments to final customers (B2C shipments), we have partnered with one of the largest companies in the world, DHL. And we have achieved very competitive rates, both for product shipments in the domestic market and for shipments to international markets.


Basically, you will benefit from the volume shipping rates we have achieved by consolidating all shipments from our hundreds of customers even if you start with only a few initiallye!


Contact us for more information about these rates. We will register you with the shipping company and manage everything.

Shipping to Amazon Fulfillment Centers


If you are a Seller, we recommend that your product is stored in Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers, using Amazon’s FBA (Fulfill By Amazon) functions.


The product will appear as a Prime delivery product and will be marked as “Product managed by Amazon”. In our experience and looking at the statistics, this type of storage gives more confidence to the final customer and therefore sales are higher.


To do so, you will have to send the product to their warehouses in advance. In fact, we recommend that you send it to the warehouses in the country where you think you will have the most sales. For example, to warehouses in Germany, the UK or France. Keep in mind that you will have to prepare the shipment and inform yourself about the taxation of each country, as you will be storing the product in the country, and therefore subject to the sales taxation of the geography (in the case of EU VAT).

Amazon envíos y logística
Logística y envíos Amazon

We guide you in the Management of all your processes

Nozama takes care of the whole process for you. We will prepare the shipment under Amazon regulations and our shipping company will handle the transport to Amazon’s warehouses. Our team will also arrange the shipment at Seller Central and track the product until it enters Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers.


As for the taxation of the country, we can help you too! Contact us to find out more. We have a team specialised in the internationalisation of our clients. Contact Nozama Global Sales.


If you are a Vendor, we have specialised for you in how Amazon needs the transport to its warehouses, creating a management software and a team dedicated to ensure the transport. Our tracking, logistics, and incident team will follow the entire process from the reception of the order (Purchase Order) until it is delivered to Amazon. To do this, we will ensure that the shipping company correctly performs the Booking of entry to Amazon’s warehouses (Fulfillment Centers) and transports the products in their vehicles in the way that Amazon requires, to avoid delays or possible rejections due to non-compliance with Amazon’s policies.

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