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Videos on Amazon: What are the requirements?

● Amazon establishes a series of minimum requirements that your videos must meet in order to be displayed in the stores or detail pages of your products.
● Pay attention to issues such as length, resolution, size and format before uploading your videos to the platform.

As with images on Amazon, videos provide the information the consumer needs in a more attractive, convenient and immediate way than text. They allow you to better explain what your brand or product is like, generate higher conversion rates and increase purchase intent and decision to buy.

In an increasingly visual world, including videos on your product detail pages, in your stores or in your A+ premium content is a great idea, but not everything goes! Below, we explain the minimum requirements that Amazon will demand in order to be able to do so.

Amazon video requirements


On Amazon, there are no restrictions on the maximum length of your videos, but there is a minimum length. You must exceed 5 seconds if you want your video to be accepted on the platform.


In order to meet quality standards for all videos viewed on the marketplace, Amazon will require a minimum resolution of 720 pixels wide and 872 kbps. This will ensure high definition (HD) for your customers.


Although Amazon supports videos under 500 MB in size, we do not advise you to publish a media item of this size within your pages. Always optimise your videos to minimise their size with little loss of quality. It will take less time to load.

Aspect ratio:

As for the aspect ratio, Amazon will respect your video by adding, if necessary, the black bands as Youtube does. However, we recommend that you always shoot in landscape, either in the 4:3 standard or in 16:9 widescreen, so that your product images look better.


Amazon supports a variety of compression formats including Windows Media, Apple Pro Re, QuickTime, flv, avi and standards such as mpeg4 and mpeg2. The latter two, however, are the most advisable because of their compression ratio between weight and quality.

One url per video:

You can upload your videos to Amazon manually or via links. If you do it through a link, you have to keep in mind that the url must lead only to a video file. If your url leads to a playlist, the platform will automatically remove it.


Your videos on Amazon cannot refer to external websites, such as shipping conditions or the prices you are going to offer your customer, or mention certain commercial terms that Amazon does not allow to be included in its content.

Apart from these mandatory features for Amazon, Nozama recommends you to comply with the principles of universal accessibility for people with functional diversity. Adding subtitles and audio descriptions will ensure that it is understood by a much wider audience. Respect its concordance and synchronisation with the image and sound of the video to avoid confusion.

Now that you know the requirements for your videos on Amazon, stay tuned to Nozama’s blog! Soon we will explain what are the keys to make your video successful on Amazon.

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