What factors should you consider before opening an Amazon Seller account

What factors should you consider before opening an Amazon Seller account?

  • Before opening a Seller account, you should pay attention to factors that have to do with Amazon’s own product and cost policies.
  • You also need to take into account your ability to stock items, manage logistics and invest in advertising within the platform in order to position your products and gain visibility that converts into sales.


Having the possibility of reaching millions of customers around the world, offering your products through the marketplace giant, can be very attractive if you are looking for new sales channels to expand your business. Amazon will allow you to open a Seller account to sell your products on their platform. 

Important factors to consider before opening a Seller account with Amazon

However, before you start selling on Amazon, there are many factors to consider. Here are some of them that you will need to consider to begin with.

Products allowed by Amazon:

The first thing to consider, if you are considering having a presence on Amazon as a Seller, is what kind of products you are going to offer to your customers. Not all types of articles have a place in the marketplace giant.

You should be aware that there are items whose sale is limited by Amazon’s product policies and therefore you will not be able to offer them on the platform. 

Besides these product policies, there are some restricted categories that require prior authorisation from Amazon, who, in order to achieve the goal of providing the highest level of trust and quality to its customers, ensures that you always comply with all applicable laws and regulations, especially for products of a sensitive nature, involving the safety of people or which are collector’s items.

Exclusivity in the sale of the product:

Once you are sure that your product is suitable to sell on Amazon, we recommend you to carry out an analysis of the competition and study the possibilities of winning the Buy Box for the products you want to sell. 

If you are the brand owner, you will have a number of benefits that will make it much easier for you to sell your products. Some of these benefits are offered by Amazon’s brand protection programme, where you can report all products from unauthorised resellers. Furthermore, by registering your brand on the platform, you will be able to create a Brand Store to group all your products and reinforce your brand image in your own space on Amazon.

Storage and logistics capacity:

The location of the product is another factor to consider before opening an Amazon Seller account. Depending on the place where you have located your merchandise and the destination country where you are finally going to make the sale, you will have to consider a specific logistics plan or model, either managed in FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) or FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) to guarantee that deliveries to the end customer will take place within the established time.

Associated costs:

There are also a number of costs associated with selling on Amazon that you need to be aware of. In this regard, you should know that just the fact of having a professional Seller account open entails a fixed cost of 39 euros per month (VAT not included). 

In addition, Jeff Bezos’ company will charge you a 15% commission per unit (depending on the category sold) and will also set additional fees, such as storage or logistics management fees, if you opt for the Amazon managed logistics model (FBA).

Product information:

Another essential factor to consider before opening a Seller account on Amazon is the information and images you have about the product you are going to sell. The more information you have about an item, the easier it is to build a complete product detail page, with attractive titles and images and valuable content that convinces and builds trust so that the customer finally decides to buy it.

Investment in advertising campaigns:

Lastly, we advise you to invest in advertising within the Seller platform itself to improve the visibility and positioning of your product. In this way, you will increase the number of views and, therefore, favour the obtaining of positive ratings or reviews that will generate confidence in future clients.

Once you have assessed all of the above factors, you are ready to enter Amazon. We explain the steps you need to take to open an Amazon Seller Central account. Nozama can advise you on the documentation you need to complete the registration correctly. 

And if you already have an active account, but don’t have the time to make the most of Amazon, we can help you publish and optimise your catalogue, design marketing campaigns and increase your sales volume, managing your account in a professional way.