What is Dayketing?


  • Discover the advantages of Dayketing and make the most of them.
  • 6 tips to help you prepare your products for the most special dates of the year.


Dayketing is a new marketing concept that originates from campaigns run by companies since the middle of the 20th century. Based on market trends, large corporations adapt their communication techniques to launch specific commercial actions that make their business profitable. Examples include: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, World Book Day, Valentine’s Day or Christmas.

So much so that in recent years, everything has been boosted by «Amazon»‘s impact on the market and globalisation. As a result, today we can see a wide range of business opportunities such as: Prime Day, Cyber Monday, Black Friday and discounts on specific days.

Based on the data collected in the 6th Bankinter Consumer Finance report: «El Consumo en Dayketing» («Purchases on Dayketing»), female spending is the most prominent on these special consumer dates. However, men are the ones who have increased their average spending on purchases, even tripling that of women.  According to this study, on Black Friday, men spent 71% and women 29%.

On the other hand, generation X (those born between 1961 and 1980) are the ones who spend the most on special days. However, the variant of purchasing is different between generations, with seniors (those over 60 years old) increasing their budget per purchase made.

The pandemic has changed consumer habits, boosting the performance of e-commerce activity. The report also reveals that user consumption levels are at the same level as in pre-pandemic times.

Seasonal Marketing: Create campaigns on Amazon for special dates


Dayketing has increased consumption by up to 450% in the last six years on Amazon and everything indicates that with Prime Day 2022 demand will have increased by up to 550%, according to the 6th Bankinter Consumer Finance report.

For the e-commerce giant, the user’s shopping experience on the platform is fundamental. Therefore, special offers on specific days has caused a great deal of excitement for both companies and users.

In this regard, it is worth highlighting the efforts of e-commerce businesses to gain visibility on the platform and expand their market share.

How to do dayketing on Amazon?


  1. Make a preliminary market study and establish an annual calendar to launch specific actions. The ideal method is to anticipate the most important dates of the year so that the campaign has a great impact on the market in which you operate.
  2. Prepare your products. It is very important that you have enough stock to meet the demand of your target audience.
  3. Work on SEO on Amazon. Optimise your product listings, check your search terms, include keywords and work on reviews to increase your conversion rate.
  4. Create offers and promotions strategically. Flash offers, volume discounts, coupons or a combination of these can be used to generate more traffic.
  5. Increase the impact of your campaigns within the available budget. As a noteworthy fact, the day with the highest number of searches on Amazon does not usually coincide with the day of the event itself, but with the days prior to it. It’s vital to take this into account.
  6. Pay attention to international dates, they vary depending on the country and you could increase your profits by selling your products in other markets.

In short, evolving at the pace of the markets helps to predict technological and consumer trends.