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How to find the best sellers products on Amazon


Amazon is the leading online shopping platform. Millions of products are sold daily on this platform and, for sellers and entrepreneurs, finding the best-selling products and understanding market trends is key to success.

But how can you find the best sellers products on Amazon? In the following lines we will reveal some key tips to help you learn the most effective strategies and tools.

Research is the first step

Understanding the market and discovering the best-selling products is key to success on Amazon. Research allows you to identify opportunities, understand consumer preferences and adapt your strategy to increase your chances of sales. This is a constant and dynamic process that will keep you in tune with customer demands, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

Exploring with Amazon’s search engine

One of the easiest ways to find the most popular products is by exploring Amazon’s search engine. To do this, type in a keyword that relates to the product you are looking for and Amazon will show you a list of products related to your search.

You can sort the list by popularity or by release date to see the latest and trending products.
From electronics and clothing to beauty and home products, you’ll find a selection of the products that are at the top of the list.

Browse and pay attention to shoppers’ comments and reviews to learn more about why they’re favourites.

Amazon Best Seller Rank

Amazon Best Seller Rank is a simple and accessible ranking that provides you with information about your favourite products on the platform and helps you improve your ranking. This ranking is updated regularly to keep you up to date with the latest trends. Go to the «Amazon Best Sellers» page and choose the category you are interested in.

Once you have selected the category, you will be able to browse the list of best sellers and find detailed information about them, such as the product name, an image, the number of sales and their position in the ranking.

Research the competition

Discovering the best-selling products can make all the difference on such a competitive platform. Are you willing to research your rivals and gain a competitive advantage? Analyse which products are the best sellers on Amazon, as this will give you the information whether there is enough demand for the sellers, which means there is a good sales potential.

Get creative with search trends!

Don’t overlook the analysis of consumer search trends. Tools such as Google Trends or Keyword Tool give you an insight into the most popular searches on the web and how the demand for certain products has evolved over time. Which keywords are resonating with the competition? Take advantage of this valuable information and make your products stand out!

Tools to uncover the secrets of success

You can use market research tools to provide you with concrete data on sales, trends and product performance on the platform. Some of these tools are:

  • Jungle Scout: Explore Amazon’s data to discover which products are selling like gangbusters. Find out the number of sellers, prices, sales volume and the ranking of each product.
  • Helium 10: This tool, in addition to giving you a complete overview of the best-selling products, tracks the keywords you are using to optimise your listings.
  • AMZ Tracker: With it you can get a lot of information about prices, sales volume, number of sellers and product rankings. Get ready to compete in the market and achieve success!


The best categories to sell on Amazon 2023

In a competitive marketplace like this, choosing the right category can make all the difference. Explore the most promising categories to sell on Amazon and set yourself up for success!

  • Household and kitchen products: The power of the everyday! From kitchen utensils to cleaning products, this category will be an endless source of demand.
  • Electronics: Products like smartphones, laptops and smart devices will always be in high demand, as technology advances and has become a necessity for our day to day lives. Be a part of the technological revolution!
  • Fashion and accessories: This category is a real magnet for style and trend lovers Who can resist sporting the trends of the moment? Demand spikes at key times such as changing seasons and special celebrations.

The key to getting the right type of product to sell is to understand the needs of the market.

With these recommendations you can start your journey to position yourself as a top seller on Amazon and make a profit that satisfies you. Remember that if you need continuous support, at Nozama we have a team of experts who will help you get your Amazon business off the ground.

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