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How to get a good listing on Amazon

If you are looking to generate interest in users who frequently browse Amazon and visit your catalogue but you don’t know how to do it, one of the things you need to know is to create a good product listing or improve the listing you already have. This can help you a lot to capture the attention of potential buyers and you can do it with some simple tips that we are going to put at your disposal, because it is true that there are different techniques to get potential buyers on Amazon, especially with the tools that Amazon makes available every day to those who decide to sell on its marketplace. Always with the aim of increasing product impressions and, consequently, increasing sales. A good product listing can lead you to success, and in the most important sales campaigns of the year on Amazon such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday you will be able to generate very good income.

 What are these tips for a good product catalogue?

If you are trying to increase the number of visits to your listings and sell more, it is essential that your posts on Amazon have quality content. We emphasise this point because as long as you have clear, useful and informative content about your product available to the buyer, where the user can learn the most important things about the product, it will add value and can positively influence the buyer’s decision to purchase the product.

¿Cómo conseguir un Buen Listing de Amazon?

5 tips for a good listing on Amazon

In today’s post we are going to give you 5 tips that are super useful so that you can prepare a good product listing on Amazon and capture the attention of more users so that they get to know your products and buy them.

  1. The keywords you use in your posts should be highly relevant and searched for, but not highly competitive. They should be included in the title, backend search terms and subject fields, bullets and description. To identify the keywords that you can place in your ads, it is important that you carry out a previous study, selecting the words that will really help you to position your product, because if you use words that are too competitive, it will be impossible for you to position yourself.
  2. While you want your catalogue to include as many relevant, high-volume keywords as possible (in order to rank), your ad content must be readable and persuasive. So you can convert page views into sales. Make your product descriptive content really useful, before writing your post content, think about what information you would want to have if you were that potential buyer. Create posts with clean, eye-catching images that demonstrate the quality of your product and add bullet points with the most relevant information about your product, frequent uses, type of material, etc.
  3.  A+ site: This image often replaces the product description section. The most successful brands use them to go deeper into the benefits of their products and tell their brand story. A+ pages definitely add value to your publications, with eye-catching and very attractive images that can also carry short and persuasive texts that help your product stand out. A+ content has a positive influence on the potential buyer, as a publication with images and little text makes their experience of the product more pleasant and generates trust.
  4. Having an attractive, high-quality image that shows your product in a flattering light is essential to get eyes to notice your ads. Secondary images should be used to illustrate the value of your product. Good images should tell your audience how your product stands out from the competition, and how it will improve the lives of buyers. Never use poor quality images because they will most likely give a bad impression of your brand and drive away potential customers.
  5. Take care of the content of your descriptions, use real product information and always in the language that corresponds to the region where you are offering your articles, because if the content is in a language that is not the native language of that country, the customer often loses interest and abandons your advert to look for another one that they can understand.

It is important that your catalogue has optimised content if you really want to position your products and grow your business on Amazon. We are sure that these tips will help you to generate a better shopping experience for your customers, and will help you to attract many more because you will generate more interest.

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So start now, update and optimise the content of your catalogue so that more buyers visit your publications and become interested in your product. And if you still have doubts about how to apply these tips in your catalogue you don’t have to worry, because at Nozama Solutions we can help you with all the content you will need for your Amazon catalogue and much more! Contact us.