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How to win the Amazon Buy Box?

If you haven’t heard of the Amazon Buy Box yet, it’s time to learn strategies to win the Amazon Buy Box

As an active Amazon vendor the ultimate objective is always to achieve an increase in revenue and sustainable growth for your online business, and that’s why Amazon is always innovating strategies to improve your performance as a vendor and increasingly enhance the shopping experience for all customers. In this post we will explain what you should know about the Amazon Buy Box and how it can benefit your business on that platform.

Don’t forget that on November 25th the Amazon Black Friday will start and you must have won all the possible buy boxes

About 80% of Amazon’s total sales happen in the Buy Box, and this is what makes it a high priority for any competitive vendor.

At Nozamasol we want to advise you on everything you need to know about this Buy Box that will help you become a much more competitive seller, increasing your income and your sales.

Where is the Buy Box and how does it work?

From the customer’s view, the Buy Box is just a box inside the details page of a product and when a buyer enters this details page, Amazon selects a vendor listed in the purchase box located on the right side of the page and when a buyer clicks on «add to cart» or «buy now», the sale goes directly to the vendor listed in this very popular box. What the Buy Box does is facilitate the customer’s shopping experience because it allows them to save time by comparing the best offers on a single page that will immediately allow them to complete the purchase process.

The Buy Box is not shared by multiple vendors, it only shows the most outstanding offer that the Amazon algorithm has selected, if different vendors also sell the same product that you are offering, it is very important that you take good care of the management and reputation of your Amazon account so that you have more chances to appear in the Buy Box.

Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t won the Buy Box yet, if you haven’t managed to get it yet, there is also a chance that you can appear in a rather privileged position within the details page, and it is in the «other sellers» section that is always located below the Buy Box, where the offers that have also been highlighted are found and where the buyer can select any of the options to proceed with the purchase.

If your product has a really competitive price and a consistent estimated time of delivery it will always increase the possibility that the click will be made on your product and not on the competitor’s product.

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How can you qualify for the Amazon Buy Box?

Being in the Buy Box means that as a seller you have the best possible combination of sales performance and low prices compared to your competitors and only sellers who really have excellent performance will be able to appear there.

In order to qualify for the Amazon Buy Box there are a number of requirements that you must meet if you want to participate and get your product listed in the Buy Box on the details page. The first thing you should know is that it is essential that you have an Amazon account with a good sales history and that it also performs well according to the parameters set by Amazon.

There are many factors that are taken into account by Amazon when determining who wins the Buy Box in relation to the offers that your competition has, so we recommend that you regularly monitor the metrics that influence your chances of winning. To qualify you will need to have the best possible balance of high sales performance and low prices in your Amazon account, and this can only be achieved if you really manage your account properly.

To obtain a high performance balance on Amazon you must take into account that as a seller you must have a considerable volume of sales and you can achieve this if you manage your inventory correctly, you must offer competitive low prices and your account must also have positive reviews from your customers, that is, a good reputation with a favorable feedback where your customers recommend you as a seller and qualify their buying experience.

Some tips we can suggest to increase your chances of getting this coveted shopping box are:

  • One of the most basic requirements to be eligible for the buy box is that your account must be a professional seller. If you are not a professional vendor at Amazon, you will not be able to achieve this.
  • The content of your publications must be indexed, so that they can appear in the organic search results.
  • Make your prices competitive without risking your profitability, make your sales prices accessible and beneficial to both you and the buyers, if lowering your sales prices too much means putting you in the red, don’t do it. In order for you to offer a competitive price to potential customers, carry out a good study and analysis to help you define the final price of your product.
  • Good SEO on Amazon is essential. Don’t forget to create quality content aimed at the people who visit your publications, offer them content that is really useful, that helps increase the chances of them buying your product. If the content you have is not useful, you will probably not be able to appear in organic searches.
  • Minimizing the delivery service will greatly increase your account’s eligibility for the buy box. The more efficient your delivery service and especially the delivery times for your products, the better.
  • The Amazon Buy Box will allow you to increase the exposure of your product, you can increase your sales volume and therefore your profits.


The Amazon Buy Box will enable you to increase the visibility of your product, you will be able to increase your sales volume and therefore your earnings. If you still don’t know where to start or how to manage your account to win the Buy Box and maximize your business goals, you don’t need to worry anymore, because our team of professionals and experts at Amazon have all the tools that can help you achieve it, Contact us!