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Improve your Sales Strategy on Amazon: External Analytical Tools


Understanding the performance of your products is crucial. While Amazon Vendor provides essential data, having external analytical tools can offer a broader and more detailed perspective. In this article, we will examine some of these key tools and how they can enhance your sales approach on the Amazon platform.


Key Analytical Tools

Competitor Tracking Tools

Identifying and analyzing competitors is crucial to staying relevant. Platforms like:

  • SEMrush: It is an SEO analysis tool that helps users understand and improve their online visibility, including competitor tracking on various platforms, such as Amazon.

How it works: To track competitors on Amazon, this tool can provide valuable data on the keywords competitors are using in their product listings, the traffic they receive, incoming links to their pages, among other aspects.

  • Ahrefs: A comprehensive SEO platform providing valuable data on keywords competitors use, the traffic they receive, incoming links, and more. This data can help you better understand how your competitors are positioned in Amazon search results and adjust your strategies to improve your performance and competitiveness on the platform.


Market Analysis Software

  • Jungle Scout: This tool offers a range of features to analyze and optimize sales strategies on this platform. It allows Amazon sellers to analyze the market, research potential products, and understand competition to make informed strategic decisions about what and how to sell on the Amazon platform.
  • Helium 10: Enables Amazon sellers to perform in-depth market analysis, find opportunities, understand competition, and optimize their product listings to maximize success on the Amazon platform.

Sales Data Analysis Tools

  • Google Analytics: A web analytics tool that provides detailed information about traffic and user behavior on a website.

How to use: To analyze sales data on Amazon, the platform itself offers various tools and dashboards to sellers to track and evaluate their sales metrics, providing valuable information about traffic to an external Amazon website and how users interact with it.

  • Tableau: A data visualization tool that allows analysis, understanding, and visualization of information interactively. It can connect and combine data from various sources, such as databases, spreadsheets, and more, to create dynamic and easy-to-interpret visual representations.

How to implement in your business: You can extract sales data from your Amazon account, transaction reports, or product sales. Then, import that data into Tableau to create interactive visualizations, such as charts, tables, dashboards, and maps, allowing you to better understand your sales, trends, buying patterns, product profitability, among other relevant aspects for your Amazon business.


Product Performance Tracking Apps

  • Perpetua (Sellics): A digital marketing solution designed to empower brand presence on Amazon. It provides various tools aimed at improving product visibility, increasing sales, and optimizing account management on this platform.
  • SellerLogic Business Analytics: A tool for tracking and analyzing product data on Amazon. It helps sellers evaluate profitability and performance for each product, providing detailed data on transactions at the account, market, or specific product level.


Advantages and Benefits

External tools for selling on Amazon offer a range of significant benefits and advantages:

Expanded Market Perspective: These tools provide a broader view of the market, beyond the limited metrics provided by Amazon Vendor. They allow a better understanding of market trends, competitor behavior, and real-time customer preferences.

Improved Decision-Making: With detailed data and deep analysis, sellers can make more informed decisions. These tools provide valuable information to adjust pricing, marketing strategies, and inventory management more efficiently and effectively.

Increase in Sales and Growth: By using these tools, a notable increase in sales can be experienced. The ability to make more precise and agile decisions often leads to an increase in visibility, traffic, and conversions, thus driving overall business growth on Amazon.

The use of external tools offers a competitive advantage by providing a broader and more detailed view of the Amazon market. This allows sellers to adjust and refine their strategies to achieve greater success and growth on the platform.



The integration of external analytical tools is crucial for Amazon sellers. By leveraging these tools, a more complete and detailed view of the market and product performance is gained. It is time to consider integrating these key tools to enhance selling strategies and growth on the Amazon platform.