Is it possible to be an Amazon Seller and Vendor simultaneously?

Is it possible to be an Amazon Seller and Vendor simultaneously?

  • A business model in which you sell your products on your Vendor and Seller accounts simultaneously, in addition to increasing your sales, entails less risks for your business since you sell your products through different channels.
  • Take advantage of the visibility Amazon Vendor gives you for the products you want to sell faster, while you focus on other products in your inventory through your Seller account.

Select products according to your sales and stock

The stock capacity, price control, number of sales and type of investment will determine which account is most suitable for each of your products.

You should start by evaluating the capacity of your stock. Amazon will require the Vendor accounts to provide a high volume of the best-selling products of the Seller account. Therefore, you must ensure you will be able to provide it. Other products which do not meet this requirement should be sold on Seller.

This will allow you to benefit from two different channels and your incomes will not be put at risk if any occasional problem were to affect either of them.

Another important point is to know of which products you want to have control over the RRP. While Amazon will decide the final price of the products you publish in Vendor, you will be able to modify the prices of the catalogue you publish in Seller whenever you want.

Sell each product on the account that best suits its characteristics

If you are looking to increase your sales volume and speed, the Vendor account is the best option. In addition, if you get Amazon’s buybox you will extend the reach of your products.

Therefore, the most logical approach is to implement a hybrid sales strategy: working with two types of accounts depending on the product range in order to achieve different objectives. We recommend you to carry out a cost-benefit analysis to precisely determine which account to choose.

We help you choose the best strategy

Nozama helps you define the most beneficial strategy for your business. A specialised team will manage your Seller and Vendor accounts to optimise your visibility and increase your sales on Amazon. In short, we will help you find your place in the Amazon universe!