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Learn how to make the best content for your products on Amazon


There are many things to take into account when publishing your products and selling them on Amazon, but one of the most important and neglected elements is the written content that customers see.

Most users go to Amazon before other platforms when they want to buy a product, and quite often the final decision to buy a product depends on how well the texts are written and the level of conviction used around the product. I’m sure that this is also true for you as a buyer: you don’t usually buy items based solely on the photo, you need a good, detailed description to convince you and make you decide to buy it.

That’s why in this post we’ll explain the best way to communicate on Amazon so that your products are attractive and have a resounding success.


Product texts

When searching for a product on Amazon, in addition to the photograph, you’ll find several elements: the title, bullet points and description. The structure is simple and it seems like a piece of cake, but for your content to be the most appropriate and up to Amazon’s requirements to rank well, you need to comply with a series of steps.

One of the first things you need to do is think about your buyer and how you need to communicate to get closer to them and generate empathy that can later result in a sale.

Once the buyer profile or target is clear, you must have keyword research done in order for your product to be correctly positioned on Amazon and reach the right audience. It’s important for you not to abuse these words, as search engines generally penalise publications which exceed 5% of the density, so if you don’t make good use of them, they can harm you.

Now that you’ve got all this information at your fingertips, it’s time to start writing! Although it’s not an easy step, as it requires a lot of analysis and strategy. Let’s break it down into parts:

  1. The title is the first thing Amazon users will read about your product. It should be brief, descriptive, concise and attractive, as the buyer needs to know what the product is like and what benefits it can bring.
  2. Bullet points are short notes that you find right next to or below the product photographs when you open the product. Normally, five bullet points are made, and they concisely summarise the product’s main characteristics. These elements often repeat and expand on some of the information in the title.

One way to draw attention to each of them is to give them a catchy title that introduces them and offers a preview of a particular feature.

  1. Descriptions are the final step for buyers to get to know your products in detail and make an informed decision about their purchase. This space is ideal for you to add any details that didn’t fit in the bullet points. It’s important for the information in this point to be well organised and to be read quickly and efficiently.


Keys to success

Now that you know the basic elements surrounding a product published on Amazon, it’s vital to study and know the best way to ensure that the words have the desired effect, or in other words, that they’re the right words. Here are five factors that you shouldn’t overlook when writing about a product on Amazon:


  1. You should try to be direct, i.e. your texts should include just enough information to get across what you want to convey without any need to beat around the bush.
  2. You should be concise, i.e. use short, well-structured sentences. In this type of text, it’s usually counterproductive to generate messages that are too long and too stilted.
  3. Let your imagination run wild, be creative, and make your messages original and eye-catching.
  4. You should try to generate a coherent message. Your content should be in line with your brand’s communication and any text you generate should be seen as part of a much larger unit, which is your business.
  5. Be honest and describe as accurately as possible the reality of the product you’re trying to sell. In this way, you become a reliable salesperson.

These are just a few guidelines of all the processes you should follow and take into account when publishing your products on Amazon.

At Nozama, we’re committed to communication and to making your sales grow through it, so don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll make your content lead you to success.

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