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Nozama Solutions will manage Cuétara’s sales on Amazon in Europe

Nozama Solutions will manage Cuétara’s sales on Amazon, taking over the management of Cuétara’s European accounts. Nozama Solutions is a company that guides businesses that decide to sell on Amazon, helping them to create their own virtual shops on the platform, promoting their products, managing purchases, etc.

Nozama Solutions will help Cuétara to sell on Amazon

Cuétara has decided to rely on Nozama Solutions, a leading global Amazon agency, to sell its products through the e-commerce giant. Thanks to this decision, Nozama Solutions and Cuétara join forces so that their excellent product can reach more people.

To this end, Nozama Solutions will carry out a comprehensive management of the companies’ Amazon accounts, taking charge of all the processes such as the registration of products in the platform’s catalogue, improving SEO positioning, PPC advertising, marketing within Amazon, etc.

Nozama Solutions will undertake all tasks related to the management of Cuétara’s Amazon accounts, including a complete audit to improve the company’s organic positioning and the performance of its campaigns.

Moreover, this agency specialised in Amazon will also be in charge of creating a marketing and advertising plan specifically designed for the expansion of the Cuétara brand throughout Europe, as well as adapting the content of its accounts to the different languages, using specialised native translators.

This union will allow Nozama Solutions to contribute to Cuétara’s products being well positioned in the most important marketplace in the world. A perfect match since Cuétara is also one of the most important biscuit companies, with a strong presence both nationally and internationally.

Nozama Solutions is chosen as the best Amazon agency in Europe for the second year in a row

Nozama Solutions is currently the largest Amazon account management platform worldwide. Founded in 2012, with the purpose of helping manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors to sell on Amazon, guiding them through the whole process, it began its journey with its own shops and seller accounts, to gradually gain experience and learn everything necessary to achieve success on this platform.

Today, it is the only Amazon Agency and integrated Amazon Account Management Platform that offers all the services you need to sell more and increase your profitability on the platform, regardless of whether you are a seller or a vendor. In this way, the company offers the possibility to take care of national and international publishing, product advertising, account management, logistics, shipping, invoicing and more.

Nozama Solutions has its own working methodology, and has a large team of specialised professionals, as well as the necessary tools to accelerate the sales process, increasing the profitability of operations with Amazon.

It also has a distribution or direct sales department specialised in Amazon, able to act both as an intermediary with Amazon and to buy your product directly. All in all, what Nozama Solutions accomplishes is to accelerate the insertion of the products, at the same time that it distributes them through its team, tools and the great experience they have in this marketplace. All this with the advantage of not having to worry about the complexity of working directly with Amazon.

Nozama Solutions: A team with more than 190 Amazon specialists and three offices in Spain

Nozama Solutions is a specialist Amazon agency for a number of reasons. From the unique methodology they employ to the excellent team of 190 Amazon specialists from 16 different nationalities, which is key to increasing the visibility of a company’s products around the world.

It currently has three offices in Spain, located in Barcelona, Madrid and Salamanca.