Nozama Solutions presents Dohe’s success story on Amazon Advertising

● Dohe’s most trending product on Amazon increases its sales by 221% in less than a month thanks to the advertising strategy developed by Nozama.
● By increasing ad spend, we surpassed 3.4 million impressions, got campaigns to stay active throughout the day and delivered the most profitable KPIs historically.

The Spanish company Dohe, located in Humanes de Madrid, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of packaging and shipping items, stationery products, school supplies and office accessories. Although it has a wide range of products, its annual diaries stand out among its top sellers for their high quality, versatility and variety of creative designs.

Dohe sells them through different online and offline channels of recognised prestige, but its presence on Amazon, the main international marketplace, represents an excellent opportunity to increase its sales volume exponentially. That is why, as part of its digital strategy, it has entrusted Nozama Solutions with the management of its advertising campaigns on Amazon.

Carlos Sánchez, Head of Advertising at Nozama Solutions, designed a campaign strategy, complex due to its timing, but very beneficial for Dohe. The objective of the Amazon Advertising campaigns we created was to reach new users with different types of campaigns and audiences who were not yet aware of the brand and increase their sales within the platform.

During the first two weeks, we carried out a first phase of testing. We developed various types of campaigns with different configurations, budgets, audiences and keywords. After a few days, we analyse all KPIs and measure the results. Before the actual start date of the campaign, we already knew what kind of ads we should use. We anticipate in order to achieve the objectives set on the agreed dates.

With a small increase in investment in Amazon Advertising, we achieved sales results for Dohe well above our initial estimates. In less than one month (1-23 November 2021), we increased sales by 221%, lowered ACOS by 12%, increased orders by 189% and grew impressions and clicks to 216% and 214%, respectively, compared to Dohe’s figures for the same period last year.

In just 23 days, Dohe’s ads were shown 3.5 million times in Amazon’s search results. Dohe received 214% more clicks from potential customers who, attracted by its products, entered its detail pages to make a purchasing decision.

The main keys to understanding Dohe’s success story are several. On the one hand, it is worth highlighting the study and strategy carried out by the Advertising team, and on the other hand, the increase in investment, which was vital for the ads to be active and displayed 24 hours a day to Amazon users.

As we observed in the case of Dohe, campaigns with little investment on Amazon quickly exhaust the budget and are no longer visible on the platform in the middle of the day. That’s why if your campaigns are planned by professionals, the more you invest in Amazon Advertising, the higher the profitability and the better the results reflected in the number of sales.

If you are thinking of selling on Amazon, Nozama can help you turn your case into a success like Dohe. Taking into account Amazon’s budget rules and how the A9 algorithm works, we will design the most profitable advertising campaigns for your business.