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Images are a key element in online sales, and Amazon is not different.

Images are a key element in online sales, and Amazon is not different. Did you know that you need 7 pictures for Amazon’s algorithm (A9) to consider your products better than those of your competitors?


With Nozama you will have a professional team of photographers specialized in eCommerce. In addition, we will make sure that these photographs meet Amazon publishing requirements. Product videos are optional, but they are a great asset to increase sales. Nozama can help you with product videos as well as videos about your company (for insertion in Brand Stores for example).


We have the support of a network of filmmakers available throughout the country that can assist you.

eCommerce photos


At Nozama we have a professional photography studio specialized in photos for eCommerce.


Our photographers, professionals in this field, with experience in product photography will make your products be displayed in the most attractive way possible.


Indeed, your photographs will comply with the measures and conditions Amazon requests for them to be published.


You can check some examples made by our team to see the quality of the final project.

Fotografías y vídeos en Amazon
Vídeos y fotografías en Amazon

What to keep in mind when choosing your photos on Amazon

You need to take into account 3 types of photographs:


  1. The main picture has to have a white background and show clearly and without other objects the product you are selling.
  2. Additional photos that will complement the main product and that may contain other objects that make it more attractive, or that show its functionality.
  3. Other more artistic or compositional photographs, in which the product can be shown along with other products, photographs of exteriors, with complementary elements…


Amazon needs at least one photo (the main product with white background). The rest are optional but we suggest that you have at least 7 different photos.

The photos will be inserted in the main «tab» of the product, but can also be used within Amazon in the A+ content or for the Brand Store.

How does the eCommerce photography service work?


Our team will take care of taking pictures of each of your products, adjusting the studio for the light to be precise and for the image to look the most attractive to the eye editing the contrast, reflections and other problems that may occur when taking pictures of the product. It will also create “scenes” of the product under your supervision. To do so, we need you to send us the product and we will return it back to you. (Consult the conditions, if the product cannot be sent, let us know as we can also travel).


Our team will arrange with you the number and type of pictures per product.


We will take care of the white background and the editing of your pictures.

We will send you the original ones, as well as the PSD files (Adobe Photoshop) for you to use it afterwards or in case you want to use those pictures for your own website, social media…


We will send you all the materials. We will also rename the pictures with the nomenclature code requested by Amazon for uploading images.


We can also edit your pictures to make compositions or include text, in short, everything you need for a great eCommerce picture.

Amazon fotografías y vídeos
Fotografías y vídeos Amazon

Videos for eCommerce


Videos are optional but it is highly recommended that you use all visual tools you have to sell your product.

The video can be inserted both in the product page and in the Amazon Brand Store. If you do not have the tools or do not know how to do it, contact us to help you.

You can use both video products that explain the functions of the product or show determined parts of it and videos about the history of your company.

Nozama has the support of a network of professional Filmmakers that will travel to your location to make these videos.

We have «packages» of video products to make this work very economical and at the same time show your product or company in a professional way.

Contact us to know more about these packages and available options.

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