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Transparency Programme: How to proactively prevent counterfeiting of your products


Ensuring that the products that reach the customer are original and authentic is an increasingly important requirement for brands when selling on Amazon. To protect the reputation of manufacturers and address this situation, the e-commerce giant has created the Transparency programme.


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This service consists of the unique serialisation of products through an individual identification code which is present throughout the logistics process and which is verified prior to shipment. When the customer receives the item, they can check its authenticity via a mobile application available for iOS and Android.


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In the eyes of your customers, it is a process that achieves:

  • Building trust and confidence: When scanning the code, the mobile application will display a green check mark if the code is valid and a red X otherwise.

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  • Providing greater transparency: By scanning the code via the application you can also provide the customer with unit level product details, date and place of manufacture, as well as enhanced product information. In addition, the new features give customers access to exclusive promotions, and encourage them to share their experiences with the brand on social media. And all by scanning a code with an application specially designed for the Transparency programme.

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What do you need to join?

  • Proof of ownership of the trade mark must be provided after completing the Brand Registry, the logistic model used is irrelevant.
  • Indicate which products you wish to include in the programme, providing an EAN or UPC barcode on your products. This is essential if we want to prevent unauthorised sellers from using our details page.
  • Be able to apply the code on each of the products you have registered and are going to send.

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The brands registered in Transparency have access to brand reports, which provide information on Transparency’s effectiveness in protecting registered products and provide access to key data points, such as:

  • Units not reaching customers due to the lack of valid Transparency programme codes on the products.
  • Scans of incorrect codes due to codes on incorrect products.
  • Rejected publication attempts when sellers have been unable to provide valid Transparency programme codes.
  • Infringement notices for suspicious counterfeits.

Finally, you should know that once you register your products, they will be protected against counterfeiting in all countries where this programme is available.

If you want to know more about this new Amazon service visit this link:

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At Nozama We manage the Transparency programmes of several clients in various categories where this protection is essential for the reputation of their products. We cover the entire process, from initial registration, to the submission of required documentation, to the creation of specialised reports to measure the impact of the Transparency programme on sales.