We sell for you buying your Products

At Nozama Solutions we sell for you. To do so, we use our Vendor and Seller Central accounts to sell the products that we previously bought from you.

For this we will use our warehouses (we have 3 logistics centers for this task). We are specialized in how Amazon needs to prepare and ship products. We have developed our own logistics management software to make the whole process faster and more profitable.

How do we operate?

It is basically the same service as our management of Vendor Accounts with a small difference, which is that we buy products from you previously taking care of the whole process with Amazon.

Therefore, the whole process of publishing, positioning and advertising your products on Amazon remains the same as if you were a Seller or Vendor, but with the fundamental difference that Nozama will be in charge of buying and sending the product to Amazon.

Yes, we take care of everything! We receive orders, process them, prepare your product as Amazon requests, we ship, book and ensure the delivery to Amazon. And once delivered, we take care of invoicing Amazon, forget about chargebacks or possible returns, we take care of it.

Vendemos tus productos en Amazon
Vendemos tus productos en Amazon


We have developed our own software that connects with Amazon to receive and process Purchase Orders (POs). You will benefit from years of experience in selling to Amazon with this software, which takes into account Amazon’s requirements in terms of order confirmation times, dates, delivery locations, price control and ASIN among others.

From Nozama we connect with your system and we arrange the best way to transmit these orders to your warehouse and control system.


You could send all the orders to a centralized warehouse ready for receiving orders as your company has established. Yes, you won’t have to send to different locations, this is a way of saving.

We will negotiate with you the frequency and best way to deliver the orders so that it is more convenient for you and above all, more profitable. We have three different locations where you can send your orders. These warehouses are prepared to receive your products and arrange them in the way Amazon requested, so you will have a second way of saving by not having to handle the product before sending it.



We will take care of the invoicing too. We will arrange the payment conditions as well as the process of invoicing.

Vendemos tus productos en Amazon
Vendemos tus productos en Amazon

Main advantages


  • We will send all your orders from the different Fulfillment Centers of Amazon in just one order.
  • You will ship to just one place (our warehouses).
  • You won’t have to worry about chargebacks.
  • You won’t have returns.
  • Our professional purchasing team will arrange with you the best way to attend the orders (ideally we will integrate with your IT system to make it faster and with lower staff costs).
  • You will have access to every international market in a centralized way (Nozama).
  • In short, your sales will increase in the Amazon World without management complexity and with lots of savings!
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