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Amazon Prime Video: how to take advantage of the service and what benefits it offers


We have noticed that in recent years, the options to enjoy TV shows, series, or movies have expanded enormously. Every day, more platforms offer this type of entertainment, which, together with influential figures in the streaming services, is sidelining traditional media.

Amazon Prime Video has a very diverse selection, making it one of the most popular choices for today’s audience.

Because of all this, we, at Nozama, will tell you what is Amazon Prime Video and the steps to usee and enjoy all its content, as well as the advantages this platform offers to its users. Are you ready?


First step: Subscription to Amazon Prime

The first step to access the entire Amazon Prime Video catalog is to subscribe to Amazon Prime, which, in addition to this benefit, offers additional advantages such as fast delivery of your orders or access to the Kindle e-book library, among others.

Second step: Explore the catalog

Once you are subscribed, the next step is to log in to Prime Video with your credentials: username and password. After this, you will arrive at an extensive catalog where you will find all the existing content divided into four main subgroups: ‘All,’ ‘Movies,’ ‘Series,’ and ‘Sports.’

In each of them, you can find categories such as content for children, for the whole family, horror, comedy, and many more. Additionally, you will find other features like Amazon’s recommendations, the top 10 titles at that moment, those produced by Amazon, and more.

After learning these two simple steps to access Prime Video, now let’s see what services or advantages it provides to its users:

Specific content search

Has it ever happened to you that you want to watch specific content after a friend, social media, or a family member recommended a program, series, or movie? In this case, the search bar is your best ally to find it easily.

You just have to enter the name of the movie, series, or TV program, and Amazon Prime Video will show you the most relevant results.

Taking into account all preferences, there is also the possibility to filter content by release year, actors or actresses, directors, language and subtitles, categories, etc.

Creation of lists and tracking of programs or series

One of the most used options by users is the personalized ‘Watchlist’ to organize content and be able to watch it later. This way, you won’t lose sight of your favorite pending content and can enjoy it at another time.

Similarly, if you’re watching something and can’t finish viewing it, Amazon Prime Video allows you to pause right at that moment and resume playback from where you left off. Don’t miss a thing!

Connection won’t be a problem!

Another prominent feature of Prime Video is the ability to download any program, movie, or series episode, so you can access it when you travel or go to places without a stable connection. All the content at your fingertips, wherever you are!

Compatible devices

Amazon Prime Video is available on a wide variety of devices such as tablets, phones, TVs, gaming consoles, etc. This way, you can enjoy the content on the screen of your choice.

All you have to do is download the Prime Video app on your device or access the platform through your browser.

Channels and additional subscriptions

With your Prime Video subscription, you can access other benefits, such as the possibility of subscribing to the Twitch channels of your favorite streamers and even channels like HBO or Starz (USA). This way, you’ll have access to a broader content catalog to enjoy exclusive content.


As you can see, Amazon Prime Video is a versatile platform, with a wide variety of TV shows, series, and movies, and additional services to make it easy for the user to play their favorite content. Don’t miss the opportunity and join the Prime Video community!

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