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Our specialized team has developed a methodology to understand how it works and what is the “Battlefield” where our products will compete

What is a market consultancy?

A market consultancy is a service where we carry out analysis, research and strategic advice to companies on the sector you are going to face on Amazon. This includes studying market trends, consumer behavior, competition, industry opportunities and risks, and effectiveness of marketing and sales strategies. The goal is to help clients make informed decisions to improve their market position, optimize their marketing strategies, and increase their profitability and growth.

To do this, we follow a series of steps that we are going to see below.

Competitor Niche Selection

We identify and select specific market segments on Amazon where our customers compete or wish to do so. It analyzes the size of the market, existing competition, demand trends, and the ability of the products to position themselves effectively in that niche. Our goal with marketplace consulting is to provide a customized strategy that not only places our clients’ products in the most suitable and profitable segments of the market but also ensures your growth on Amazon.

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una consultoria de mercado

Keyword analysis

On Amazon, keywords are terms used by users to search for products. Keyword analysis involves researching and selecting the most relevant and effective ones for each niche. By strategically aligning these terms with the content of the product listing, we ensure not only greater visibility in Amazon’s search results but also a better connection to the needs and wants of prospective customers.

Gather all the necessary information

To achieve a comprehensive understanding of the market, it is critical to identify and collect information such as financial reports, which offer in-depth insight into the financial health and economic trends of the sector. In addition, sales data is vital for understanding the performance of specific products and market categories, as well as identifying consumer buying patterns.

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servicio de consultoria de mercado

Most Used Type of Logistics

To effectively navigate the Amazon marketplace, it is essential to determine which logistics methods are predominant, such as FBA or vendor. Understanding these methods is key to assessing how they affect competitiveness in the market. The choice of one or the other method can significantly influence product visibility, consumer preferences, and ultimately the seller’s competitive position on Amazon.

Market price analysis

Analyzing the average prices of products in the market is crucial in determining the pricing strategy. This analysis involves collecting and evaluating price data for similar or complementary products to understand the price range of the market. This step is essential for maximizing sales and market presence, especially on competitive platforms like Amazon.

estudiar precio de mercado en amazon
analisis mercado en amazon

Advertising Market Analysis

Another important step we offer in our market consulting service is competitors who are advertising. This analysis helps determine who is paying for ads, the size of the sellers, what the cost of a click could be, and how much it will cost to reach potential customers. This type of analysis is crucial for effective ad spend management on the world’s largest marketplace.

Size of sellers

Studying the size of sellers in the market is critical to identifying whether individual, medium, or large sellers predominate. This analysis provides a clear view of the market structure, which is essential for adapting strategies to the strategy. Understanding whether the market is dominated by small or large sellers can influence decisions such as product choices, pricing strategies, and promotion methods.

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