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We have more than 250 Amazon specialists of 16 different nationalities, all with something in common, we are passionate about what we do and we are very good, perhaps the best professionals in everything related to the Amazon universe

Account Manager

You will have an Account Manager who is a specialist in Amazon. They will be in constant contact with you to create and follow the best strategy for your products on Amazon, informing you at all times of what is happening with the management of your account. Your Account Manager will be in charge of coordinating the rest of the Nozama teams that will service your account.


Always up to date with the latest changes that Amazon may have. They study and execute your marketing plans depending on the type of product, category and country of sale. They are up-to-date on trends, ups and downs of potential markets and products. Always aware and measuring the impact of your actions and the actions of your competitors within Amazon.


Specialists in creating, implementing, measuring and optimizing all your PPC campaigns within Amazon. They are measuring the impact on a daily basis and optimizing your budget so that your products have maximum visibility in the channel. True experts in analysis of short, medium and long-term results. They will help you get your product in front of the right people at the right time of purchase.


Our creatives will take your product content to the next level by using the right keywords and phrases in the right place. Combining the best images with spectacular texts that your buyers will fall in love with. Your product will never be “just another product” again, it will be the product to be imitated by your competitors.

Native Translators

Do you work with Amazon’s machine translations? That’s the first of the big mistakes that most Amazon sellers and agencies make. At Nozama, we have native translators for each of the current sales platforms. It’s not just a matter of translating, it’s knowing, thinking and understanding how they search for products in different languages and how your products are going to appear with these searches. An automatic translator will never enter the mind of a buyer, a native speaker will.

Customer Support

The team you contact when you call us, attends to your requests and resolves your doubts and incidents. They are responsible for managing incoming orders, A-to-z warranties, ratings and reviews of products from Seller accounts, as well as shipments to FBA and its configurations. In addition, they are in charge of dealing with all requests and incidents regarding returns and cancellations of orders to the end customer.


Once the sale is made, our operations team takes care of everything necessary for the product to reach the end customer, even sooner, ensures that the product is available and takes care of preparing it to comply with Amazon regulations. Warehousing, logistics, shipping, purchasing, incidents and tracking are the sub-departments within our Operations team. All of them will be at your disposal so that you can use the parts you need.

Development, Software and Informatics

You will have a software development team that has been developing its own applications to work with Amazon since 2012. They’ve developed our in-house tools to help you in your Amazon accounts and continue to develop and integrate to meet your needs.


Working with Amazon comes with a high financial burden. Tracking invoices, orders, replenishments, and financial planning is vital to successful operations with Amazon. Our team will help you become more profitable.


Human resources

The business opportunity that Amazon represents has brought with it the need to create new job profiles. At Nozama we are specialists in developing these profiles and to this end, our Human Resources team has specialized in finding and developing the best professionals.


Commercial Department

They detect business opportunities and study their viability on Amazon, update our services based on demand and changes in international markets. They are the starting point of customer relationships, listening, contributing and solving specific needs by contributing their knowledge of Amazon and offering personalized services. They manage all requests, draw up proposals, actions and contracts.


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