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We are the First comprehensive platform for Account Management and Amazon Agency in Europe and where you will find all the necessary services to sell more in the great Marketplace. We provide all the necessary services, from national and international publishing (all our translators are native speakers and we do not outsource) and product advertising to account management, logistics, shipping and invoicing. For this purpose, we have developed a work methodology and we have a specialized team and tools that accelerate the sales process and increase the profitability of operations with Amazon.


To speed up the process we also have a “Distribution” or “Direct Sales” department specialized in Amazon that can act as an intermediary with Amazon, buying your product directly. In this way we accelerate the insertion of your products, while “distributing” them with the equipment, tools and our experience in Amazon, “insulating” you from the complexity of working with Amazon directly.

Amazon Agency & Leading Account Management Platform

We are the first technological platform for Amazon account management, leader in Europe.

Account management Amazon for Manufacturers

Are you a manufacturer of a product and don’t know how to sell it on Amazon? Would you like to increase your sales using Amazon as a channel? Do you have an Amazon Vendor account but would like to improve its management? At Nozama we are specialists in Vendor and Seller account management for manufacturers. In fact, we will advise you on the best Seller, Vendor or hybrid strategy in each case.

Account management Amazon for Resellers

What are the benefits of selling on Amazon as a reseller? Is it profitable to sell on Amazon if my product is already distributed by others? I want to sell on Amazon but I don’t know where to start. How much do I have to invest in Marketing-Advertising campaigns with Amazon? Why has my Amazon account been suspended? The Amazon universe is not simple, we help you.

Account management Amazon for SMBs

Can I sell on Amazon if I have only a few products? What are the differences between an individual salesperson and a PRO salesperson? Do I have to become a freelancer to sell on Amazon? Can I sell on Amazon as an SME? The answer is “Yes”, you can sell and we can help you. Check our service packages for you.

How can the Best Amazon Agency in Europe help you?

These are some of the services we offer:

Amazon Seller account management

If you are not familiar with the Amazon Seller platform or do not have the necessary time, selling on Amazon as a Seller can be a hard and unproductive task, even unprofitable. We help you create, improve and manage your Seller account. For this you will have a professional team with experience in hundreds of Seller accounts of all types.

Amazon Vendor Account Management

Being an Amazon supplier can be tricky. Manage and publish the catalog, carry out promotions, visibility, protect the brand... At the same time, it is necessary to ``adapt`` to the ordering and delivery processes. Tasks that need time and continuous dedication. We've even developed Amazon connection software to make everything easier and more cost-effective.

Amazon Contents

Making your products more visible so that buyers can find them more easily will be what sets you apart from your competitors. At Nozama we have specialists who research every day the search intentions of Amazon users and study the A10 algorithm in depth so that your product is positioned organically. This combined with a good advertising strategy will create the perfect synergy to succeed on Amazon.

Amazon Advertising

ACOS, CR, CPC, CTR... Don't worry, we have a team that specializes in Amazon Advertising campaigns. Our work methodology includes auditing your campaigns and those of your competitors to design the best sales and profitability strategy on Amazon. We will create and manage your advertising budget and ensure that your sales and profitability will always grow.

Photography and Video

Do you want to increase your conversion? Images and videos are fundamental pieces in online sales. Within Amazon it is even more important. With Nozama you will have a professional team of photographers and video editors specialized in eCommerce. In addition, we will ensure that these photos and videos comply with Amazon publishing requirements. Nozama can help you with product images and videos as well as with those of your company (to insert them in the Brand Store for example). We have a network of film makers available nationwide to help you.

Amazon Digital Distribution

At Nozama Solutions we sell for you. To do so, we use our Vendor and Seller Central accounts to sell the products we previously purchased from you. We will use our warehouses specialized in how Amazon needs the preparation and shipment of products (we have 3 logistics centers for this task). We have developed our own logistics management software to make the whole process faster and more cost-effective.

Amazon FBA

Warehousing or preparing the product and then shipping it to the end customer or to Amazon's warehouses sounds simple but there are many aspects to control and optimize when it comes to Amazon where the quality of customer service is everything. Nozama Logistics was created to provide a solution to all these aspects. We could not forget about shipments, both to Amazon (Fullfilment centers or FBA) and to end customers anywhere in the world when they are FBM shipments. We are partner of the main international transport companies allowing us to offer the best delivery service with very competitive rates.


No, we are not a bank, but we are a partner of two of the best European financial institutions to provide payment-financing solutions for our customers. We advance payment to our customers for Amazon sales transactions. Either from sales made to end users or sales made to Amazon directly. The objective is twofold: to advance the collection of sales (allowing them to grow) and to reduce the payment risk (by transferring the debt to a third party who takes over the debt).

Amazon Specialist Agency

These are some of Nozama’s figures

We have managed the publication of more than 3,000,000 products in the last 12 years.

We have published products in all five languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian and German; in about 1,500 different Amazon templates.

Our working product database (Maremagnum) has more than 650,000 active products.

We handle annual sales orders worth 100,000,000 Euros.

We have handled Amazon sales orders worth 500,000,000 euros in the last 12 years.

Our Amazon Platform team is made up of 250 professionals of 18 different nationalities in 10 areas of activity.

During 2022, 1,700,000 unit products passed through our logistics on their way to Amazon.




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IV SME of the Year Award

Nozama Solutions nominated for the 2020 SME of the Year Award as an Amazon Specialist Agency.

Banco Santander and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce announce the fourth edition of the SME of the Year Award with the aim of recognizing the work of small and medium-sized companies.


The award is organized in all Spanish provinces with the participation of 44 territorial Chambers of Commerce and the collaboration of the main local press headers.


This fourth edition of the SME of the Year Award consolidates its position as one of the most prestigious awards in the business world.

Banco Santander and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce announce the fourth edition of the SME of the Year Award with the aim of recognizing the work of small and medium-sized companies. The award is organized in all the Spanish provinces with the participation of 44 territorial Chambers of Commerce and the collaboration of the main local press headers.the SME of the Year Award is consolidated with this fourth edition as one of the most prestigious awards in the business world.

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