Operational Consulting

We develop an exhaustive x-ray of the client’s vendor operations on Amazon


We detect points of improvement and growth levers to increase the profitability of operations. We analyze all processes within the operational dimension:

Operational Account Management

We take a hard look at the operational management of your Amazon Vendor account, identifying critical areas and opportunities for improvement. Our goal is to offer personalized and effective support, focused on optimizing your presence and performance on the platform. We evaluate everything from logistics to marketing strategy, ensuring that every aspect of your account is aligned with best practices and current trends on Amazon. This comprehensive analysis is key to maximizing your success and ensuring a competitive advantage in one of the most dynamic and challenging markets in the digital world.

gestión operativa
gestión ordenes de compra

Purchase Order Management

We review and optimize Amazon’s Purchase Order management to ensure a quick and appropriate response. This process is crucial to building and maintaining a trusting relationship with the platform. We understand the importance of adhering to Amazon’s timelines and specifications, which is why we focus on accuracy and efficiency at every step of the process. Our detailed analysis and corrective actions help avoid delays and errors, contributing to a better seller rating and a positive customer experience. This effective management is critical to sustainable success at Amazon.

Shipment management and tracking

After accepting Amazon purchase orders, we focus on identifying and correcting any areas of improvement in the shipping process. This is essential to avoid penalties for non-compliance, such as delays or errors in order picking. Our detailed analysis and corrective actions ensure that every shipment meets Amazon’s standards, ensuring efficiency and minimizing errors. This meticulous attention to detail not only prevents potential penalties, but also contributes to a better reputation as a seller and a positive customer experience on the platform.

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gestión de logistica y cierres

Logistics management and closures

We focus on synchronizing logistics processes to meet Amazon’s closing dates, a key aspect to avoid product availability issues. We understand the importance of efficient logistics management and precise time coordination to maintain continuity of supply. Our approach includes planning ahead, constantly tracking inventory, and adapting to Amazon’s changing requirements. This proactive management ensures that your products are always available to customers, thus improving customer satisfaction and maintaining a competitive position in the market.

Returns Management & Dispute

We conduct a thorough analysis and proactively manage returns with Amazon, with the aim of maintaining effective control that minimizes the impact on the profitability of your business. We understand that returns can be a significant challenge, which is why we focus on identifying the underlying causes and implementing strategic solutions. This includes optimizing product description and quality, improvements in packaging and shipping logistics, and clear communication with customers. Our detailed management helps reduce the frequency of returns, thus maintaining the financial health and reputation of your brand on Amazon.

gestión de devoluciones

Chargeback management and dispute

We carry out an analysis to manage and minimise the impact of penalties imposed by Amazon, arising from problems such as undelivered orders, late deliveries or stock discrepancies. We understand that these issues can seriously impact the financial health and reputation of your business on the platform. Therefore, we focus on identifying the root causes and implementing efficient corrective measures. This includes improving inventory accuracy, streamlining fulfillment processes, and strengthening logistics to ensure on-time delivery. Our goal is to ensure smooth and reliable performance on Amazon, thereby reducing the risk of penalties and improving customer satisfaction.

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