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With Amazon Digital Distribution you don’t have to worry about anything anymore, we do it all for you

Amazon Digital Distribution

To do this, we will use our warehouses (we have 7 logistics centres for this task). We specialize in how Amazon needs product preparation and shipping. We have developed our own logistics management software to make the whole process faster and more cost-effective.

How We Operate

At Nozama, we simplify your Amazon experience. Unlike other agencies, we can buy your products and we take care of the entire process with Amazon. Whether you are a Seller or a Vendor, we manage the publication, positioning and advertising of your products on Amazon. We take care of receiving and processing orders, preparing and shipping your products according to Amazon’s requirements, and making sure they arrive correctly. In addition, we take care of billing Amazon, freeing you from worries about chargebacks or returns. With Nozama, everything is in good hands.

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We have developed a unique and innovative software, designed exclusively for Amazon, that simplifies order management. We have been developing and improving for several years so that it perfectly adapts to Amazon’s requirements, including order confirmation, dates, delivery locations, price control, ASINs, etc. At Nozama, we synchronize with your system for efficient transmission of orders to your inventory control


With our service, centralize your Amazon shipments in a single warehouse, saving on logistics and simplifying processes. We adjust to your needs, offering customized shipping frequencies to maximize your profitability. In addition, we have three locations prepared to process your products according to Amazon standards, generating additional savings by eliminating the need for pre-handling

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Advantages of ADD

Discover the advantages of simplifying your sales on Amazon with Nozama:

1. Receive a single consolidated order from different Fulfillment Centers.
2. Ship to a single point: our warehouses.
3. Forget about chargebacks and returns.
4. Easily coordinate orders with our team, integrating us into your system for greater speed and savings in personnel.
5. Access international markets centrally.

Where are we?

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