Vendor Account Management

Having a Vendor account means that Amazon purchases your products and sells them in “sold and fulfilled by Amazon” mode

What is Amazon vendor?

Unlike a seller, when you are an Amazon vendor, it is Amazon who directly buys your products and sells them to customers so you become an Amazon supplier. Opening a vendor account on Amazon is done exclusively by invitation from Amazon, and will depend on the attractiveness of your products. If you already have a vendor account, you will know that Amazon demands high standards in its management. Being a vendor offers great potential, but things like returns, invoicing, and shipping can limit profitability. At Nozama, with more than 12 years of experience as a As an Amazon agency specializing in vendor accounts , we make everything easy for you: contract management, catalog, positioning, promotions, orders, fulfillment of Amazon requirements, and more. Our end-to-end service simplifies the complexity of being a successful Amazon vendor. Find out how Nozama can be your ally in this challenge.

Amazon Vendor Account Opening

At Nozama, we help you efficiently manage your Vendor contract with Amazon. After negotiating the terms, we make sure they are met to maximize the profitability of your sales. We offer advice before signing, evaluating whether the Vendor program is right for your business. If you prefer, Nozama can take care of selling your products directly to Amazon, freeing you from the management. As Amazon Vendor experts, we have an in-depth understanding of how to handle these contracts and comply with marketplace requirements. Leave the whole process in our hands and focus on your business, while we take care of the rest.

gestionar cuentas vendor en amazon
cuentas vendor en amazon

Vendor Account Setup

At Nozama, we activate and set up your account holistically. We include all the necessary details: bank details, your company information, shipping and return preferences, and tax details. We take care of the tax setup, including your intra-community VAT number and VAT regime, adjusting it to your preferences. In addition, we can automate the generation of invoices for your customers. Our team also customizes the template of your shipments, covering aspects such as delivery times, costs and shipping destinations, both nationally and internationally. With Nozama, your account will be completely ready and optimized.

Listings on Amazon vendor

After activating your account, the next step is the creation and activation of your product catalog, preparing you to compete in a market with more than 100 million items. Effective promotion through SEO and ADS is crucial to stand out. The creation of products in Vendor, different from Seller, is our specialty at Nozama, handling more than 1,500 unique templates. We perform a thorough audit of your account and products, as well as market research to analyze competitors and relevant keywords. With this data, we work with you to develop an optimal strategy to launch your products.

publicaciones en tu cuenta vendor
cuenta vendor en amazon


Our publishing strategy includes designing persuasive texts for your products, focusing on titles, bullet points, and detailed descriptions, along with a competitive price recommendation. We understand the importance of SEO for Amazon’s A9 algorithm, which is why we conduct keyword audits and write high-quality content. Photographs are also essential for driving sales.


Amazon’s marketplace is global, and at Nozama, we translate your products into the languages you need. Our team of native speakers conducts country-specific audits to analyze keywords and adapt texts appropriately. Each market is unique, requiring detailed analysis and publication in each geography. We include competitor and positioning studies, and provide sales estimates for top sellers in your categories. This information is key to identifying profitable markets and products, optimizing where to invest.

internacionalizacion de tu cuenta vendor
publicidad amazon vendor


At Nozama, we’ve mastered Amazon Advertising like no one else, maximizing the visibility of your products on Amazon. Through personalized advertising strategies, we create and optimize your campaigns with ads that attract and convert. Our approach includes running a full funnel using all Amazon listings. We constantly analyze the performance of your ads, optimizing campaigns to ensure an effective return on investment. With our expertise, your products not only gain visibility, but also capture the attention of the target audience, significantly increasing sales. At Nozama, we turn advertising on Amazon into tangible results.

Monitoring & Reporting

With more than a decade as an Amazon Vendor, at Nozama we have perfected a team, methodology and software to optimize the entire process. Our experience allows us to develop and maintain effective working methods, constantly adapting to Amazon. We offer all this experience at your service. Managing a Vendor account involves understanding how Amazon handles purchase orders (POs), whether First Order or Back Order, with specific delivery times and potential provenances from various warehouses. It is crucial to confirm or reject these orders in time to avoid Chargebacks if the agreed deliveries are not met.

monitorizar tus cuentas vendor
seguimiento y optimizacion cuentas vendor

Monitoring & Optimization

Once orders are accepted, it is crucial to submit them within the Delivery Window specified in the PO. Make sure items comply with Amazon’s ever-changing fulfillment policies to avoid charges. The packaging must follow the SSCC code, making it easy to receive. Choose carriers familiar with Amazon’s policies, coordinating the delivery time (booking) to avoid rejections or non-compliance charges. After shipping, issue the invoice to Amazon. Be aware of potential chargebacks for breaches and Debit Notes for payment adjustments based on the contract, including marketing inputs and more.


If you identify discrepancies in Amazon’s billing, such as invoice errors, charges, or contractual contributions, it is essential to initiate a claim process as established by Amazon. This process requires dedicated knowledge and resources to be profitable. At Nozama, we have formed a specialized team and developed software tools to facilitate these procedures. Our team monitors and transfers orders (Purchase Orders) to your ERP or stock control system, with the possibility of automation, ensuring confirmations and timely shipments. In addition, we manage shipment tracking, logistics, invoicing and claims, simplifying the whole process for you.

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