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Images are a fundamental piece on Amazon. For this reason, we have a professional photography studio

eCommerce Photos


At Nozama Solutions we are aware of the importance of a good image strategy within Amazon. That’s why we’ve created the first professional photography studio specializing exclusively on Amazon.


Our photographers, professionals in the sector, with extensive experience in the world of product photography will advise you so that your image strategy is optimal and will make your products look as attractive as possible.


Of course, the photographs will comply with the measures and conditions that Amazon imposes to be published.


You can see some examples of products already photographed by our team to see the quality of the final work.

Did you know that you need 7 photographs for Amazon's algorithm (A9) to consider your products better than those of the competition?

With Nozama Solutions you will have a professional team of photographers specialized in Amazon. In addition, we will ensure that these photographs meet the requirements for listing on the marketplace. Product videos are optional, but they’re a great value for increasing sales. Nozama Solutions can help you with product videos as well as videos about your company (to be inserted in Brand Stores, for example).

What to Consider When Choosing Your Amazon Photos


You have to take into account 3 types of photographs:


  1. The main product photo that must contain the white background and show the product you are selling clearly and without other objects.
  2. The additional photos that will accompany the main product and that may contain other objects that make it more attractive, or that show its functionality.
  3. Other more artistic or compositional photographs, in which the product can be shown together with other products in the product range, exterior photographs, with complementary elements, etc.


Amazon needs at least one photograph (the main product photograph with a white background). The others are optional, but we recommend that you have at least 7 different photos.


The photos will be inserted into the main “card” of the product, but they can also be used within Amazon in the A+ content or for the Brand Store.

How the eCommerce photo service works


Our team will be in charge of photographing each product individually, adjusting the studio so that the light is optimal and the image of the product appears as attractive as possible, retouching the contrasts, reflections and other possible problems that may arise when photographing the product. It will also compose product “scenes” under your supervision. To do this, you must send the product to our studios, then we will take care of returning it to you.


In addition, we will agree with you on the number of photographs per product and the type.


We will take care of placing the white background for your products by retouching the photograph.

Then we will send you the originals of the photographs, as well as the PSD files (Adobe Photoshop) so that you can process it later, or in case you want to use the photographs for your own website, social networks, etc.


We’ll send you all the materials, as well as rename the images with the naming code that Amazon needs for image uploads.


We can also “retouch” images to make compositions or include texts, in short, everything necessary for a good image strategy on Amazon.

Videos for eCommerce


Videos on Amazon are optional, but it is highly recommended that you use all the visual tools at your disposal to better “sell” your product.


The video can be entered both in the product page and in the Amazon brand store. If you don’t have the tools or don’t know how to do it, contact us to help you.


You can use both product videos that explain the features of the product or show certain parts of the product as well as videos about your company’s history.


Nozama Solutions has a network of professional Film Makers who will travel to your location to make these videos.


We have “packages” of video products so that this work is very economical while you show your product or company in a professional way.


Once your multimedia resources have been completed and delivered, you can choose between receiving your merchandise again or leaving your products to us so that we can have them in our showroom or that we make donations of them for solidarity purposes to some of the NGOs with which Nozama Solutions collaborates.

Make your brand shine on Amazon with our multimedia service.

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