Claves para que tu video tenga éxito

5 Keys to Making Your Video Successful on Amazon

● The pre-production phase is vital to achieve a successful video on Amazon that increases the conversion rate by up to 80%.
● Convey a careful and coherent image of your brand and products. Choose the music, lighting, and shots to present a dynamic and engaging montage.

In a business environment as competitive as Amazon, any extra value you add to your content can make all the difference and get customers interested in your brand or product. Adding videos to your store, detail page, A+, Brand Story, or Sponsored Brands campaigns can be a very cost-effective visual marketing strategy for your business.

Do branding, attract more customers and convince them in their purchase decision by providing them with content that is much more attractive to them than a text. Keep in mind the requirements that your videos must meet on Amazon (link to the other article) and create a professional audiovisual piece that really seduces your audience.

How to get it? Read! Below, we reveal the 5 keys to making your video successful on Amazon.

What elements should you take care of to create successful videos on Amazon?


To shoot a good quality video, you need, at the very least, a camera, a sound system, good lighting and a tripod that gives stability to the shots.

It is always best to use professional cameras, full frame and DSLR, unless you want to make unboxing videos, which are more realistic and connect better with the audience if you record them with your mobile phone.

Although, nowadays, the use of some smartphones or compact cameras is widespread, you should keep in mind that these devices offer limited images in terms of weight and color range. Therefore, it is possible that if you use this type of material during recording, the images lose quality in the post-production process.

The sound system is also extremely important. If you’re incorporating voices into your videos, they should be heard clearly and without noise. Work with auxiliary, unidirectional, and noise-isolating microphones if you’re recording ambient sounds.

Have a good handle on the lighting when shooting your videos. This element is especially important on Amazon because, in order for your products to look good, you need to work with the right exposure and the right white balance. In general, the clear light, which does not generate shadows, is perfect for showing your items without hiding any details.

The message:

The videos you use to promote your brand should be very well crafted and crafted. Take care of the message and be consistent with your brand and products. At stake is the image and values that you are going to transmit to the client.

Play with lighting, generate contrasts and use harsh tones to give a serious and powerful look. Soften contrasts and choose light tones or pastel colors if you’re selling care, hygiene, family, and children’s products. Clear, diffused light works great for presenting beauty products and highlighting their effects on the skin.


The time factor is important to hook the customers you’ve already attracted with the products you offer on Amazon. Make short videos, which last about a minute, as their consumption is much more immediate. Your customers are likely to see it in its entirety if it doesn’t last too long.

Short videos are easier to watch, load faster, and don’t consume as much data. That’s why they’re perfect for impacting, engaging, and generating greater curiosity about your brand or product.

The music:

If your video is going to include music, it should match the message. Choose a theme that is true to your values and brings cohesion to the images. Even if sometimes they are not given the importance they really have, you surely remember songs that you can quickly identify with a brand or a certain product. Make your customers remember you, too, for your tunes.

Make sure you have the copyright or authorization to use the tracks you want to include in your videos. If not, turn to a royalty-free sound bank. Don’t forget that if Amazon detects copyright infringement in your videos, it will be able to remove them.


Whenever you can, shoot images horizontally and with close-ups to make your videos work better on Amazon. If you chain together several short medium shots, with close-ups and detail shots, you will give all the information your client needs in less time, presenting it in a much more attractive way.

Try to make the assembly as dynamic as possible so as not to bore the user. Two seconds per shot is usually enough time for you to process all the information without losing your attention. Only in high-end product categories, such as jewelry or collectibles, can you lengthen the shots longer and make the video work better.

Defining your goals in the pre-production phase is key to achieving a successful video on Amazon. Dedicate as much time as you need and think carefully about what kind of video you want to share with your customers. Analyze the materials you have, reflect on the message, plan the duration and choose the shots and music you are going to use.

At Nozama we can advise you and help you choose successful videos that increase your conversion rate. In addition, we explain how videos can improve your product detail pages and increase your sales volume on Amazon.