Amazon Marketing: Basics to Increase the Visibility of Your Products


In the quest to make your products stand out in Amazon’s competitive world, visibility is the key to success. Despite the fierce competition, there are basic yet effective strategies you can implement to ensure your products stand out on this leading ecommerce platform. Here are some detailed tips on how working on Amazon marketing strategies will improve the visibility of your products on Amazon and attract more customers:

1. Optimize Your Product Listings

  • Research relevant keywords using keyword research tools. Identify those words that customers often use when searching for products similar to yours.
  • Use these keywords naturally in your titles and descriptions, prioritizing relevance over keyword density.
  • Consider including standout benefits and features in your descriptions to make your product stand out even more.


2. Use high-quality images

  • In addition to showcasing your products from different angles, use images that represent what your products look like in use. This can help customers imagine how the product would fit into their lives.
  • Take advantage of the zoom image feature so customers can examine your products in more detail.
  • Add tags to images to highlight key features and specifications.


3. Offer a competitive price

  • Conduct regular price analysis to stay on top of fluctuations in the market and adjust your prices accordingly.
  • Use dynamic pricing strategies to automate price changes based on market conditions and competition.
  • Consider offering temporary discounts or promotions to entice shoppers looking for deals.


4. Ask for reviews and opinions

  • Send follow-up emails to customers after purchase, politely requesting them to leave a review if they’re satisfied with their purchase.
  • Stay on top of reviews and respond to them in a professional and cordial manner, showing your commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Be sure to comply with Amazon’s policies regarding reviews and avoid false or misleading review practices.


5. Advertising on Amazon Ads

  • Carefully define your keywords and set a daily budget and spending limit for your ad campaigns.
  • Use conversion tracking to evaluate the performance of your ads and adjust your strategy based on the results.
  • Experiment with different types of ads, such as product ads and sponsored ads, to see which ones work best for your products.


6. Fast Shipping Program

  • Make sure your products are eligible for fast shipping programs, such as Amazon Prime.
  • Actively promote fast shipping eligibility in your product listings and highlight the benefits of fast delivery.
  • Maintain a high level of customer service and attention to shipping deadlines to maintain your fast shipping status.


7. Constantly monitor and adjust

  • Use analytics tools to track key metrics, such as conversion rates, click-through rates, and position in search results.
  • Make regular adjustments based on your data, such as keyword optimization and modifying pricing strategies.
  • Stay on top of market and competitor trends to proactively adapt your strategies.


8. Participate in promotional programs

  • Plan ahead for the special promotions and deals you plan to offer through programs like “Deals of the Day” to maximize their impact.
  • Use social media and your email list to promote these special offers to your existing customers.
  • Make sure you comply with the specific requirements and policies of each Amazon promotion program.


By implementing these detailed strategies, you’ll be better prepared to increase the visibility of your products on Amazon and appeal to a wider customer base. Remember that success at Amazon requires perseverance and a constant focus on continuous improvement. If you need to have a team specialized in marketing strategies within Amazon, do not hesitate to contact Nozama and we will be happy to help you on your way to success.