vender tu libro en Amazon

Advantages of selling your book on Amazon


  • Here’s how to sell your book on Amazon in 6 steps.
  • A great business opportunity to open your account as a seller on the marketplace.


Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, decided to start an online bookstore in 1995. Specifically, it began its journey from its garage in Seattle and today has more than 3 million books on the platform. Today, it has built a unique virtual bookstore and expanded to unthinkable levels, becoming the largest online store in the world and the most competitive on the planet.

As such, is a good place to start as a bookseller. Companies can operate on the platform in a matter of hours, whether to sell common formats, new or used volumes, specific titles or certain genres.

How to Sell Your Book on Amazon in 6 Steps


Step 1: Create your Amazon seller account.

With Amazon, it is possible to sign up as a seller on your individual or professional selling plan. Among their main differences, is the rates provided by each of them.

  • Individual Selling Plan: A pay-as-you-go plan that provides access to basic publishing and order management tools. In this sense, fees are paid per product sold, a great option for entrepreneurs who start selling online.
  • The Professional selling plan: To use it, you need to pay a monthly fee that allows direct access to Amazon’s advanced selling tools regardless of whether you list or sell products. This plan gives direct access to inventory tools for uploading products in bulk. In addition, it allows you to manage and administer all the information of the orders received through files or reports.

In this part, it is advisable to use the data to calculate the margin that is left from sales per unit. And then, set up the seller account on Amazon to start selling on the platform and have access to the control of Seller Central. In addition, you can list products, manage inventory, and manage orders.

Step 2. Order management mode.

As an Amazon seller, you can fulfill orders using both FBA or FBM business models.

  • Seller Fulfillment Network (FBM): Sellers are directly responsible for preparing their products and uploading their inventory to Amazon. This model is also known as Fulfillment by Merchant.
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA): Warehousing and fulfillment service by Amazon. Which includes storage, packaging, shipping, customer service, and returns.


Step 3. Set the price of books.

What is the status of the book?

How long has it been since your first edition came out?

Is the book collector’s note?

The method or strategy for pricing the product will depend on the condition of the product and other variables such as logistics or transportation. Ideally, you should estimate fixed and variable costs to calculate the exact price per unit.

Step 4. Publish your books on Amazon.

To advertise on Amazon, it is necessary to go directly to the product page and search for its title, once it is located it will be necessary to follow the following steps to publish it on the platform:

  1. In the Amazon search bar, enter the book’s ISBN code.
  2. Select “Sell on Amazon” on the product listing page.
  3. Indicate the reference number of the book, if you don’t have it Amazon will assign you one.
  4. Estimate the cost price per unit.
  5. Describe the condition of the product.
  6. Select the logistics management model (FBA or FBM) with which you want to operate.


Step 5. Launch advertising to position your product.

In this case, you can take advantage of Amazon Advertising to position the product and measure the effectiveness of the campaigns executed.

Also, with the free videos offered by Amazon’s Seller University, you can learn the basics of sales and get to know in depth the advertising and promotion tools that the platform has.

And, if you’re a writer, another option is to promote your own books on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.

Step 6. Manage the parcel service and send your books.

Depending on the logistics method selected, shipping methods may vary:

  • Product shipment can be managed step-by-step through your Amazon Seller Central account in case you need to replenish your Amazon inventory at a certain time.
  • There is also the option to check “how to send books to Amazon fulfillment centers and how to deliver small packages” on the platform. In addition, it is recommended that you know the packaging and preparation requirements of the product inventory.
  • Complies with package labeling requirements.
  • See what books that are going to be sold as new must comply with in the FBA clauses.
  • Finally, monitor how Amazon handles your inventory to see if it meets your needs.

Buy Shipping

If, on the other hand, you are going to manage your shipments on your own, there is Amazon’s “Buy Shipping” tool. A feature with which you can purchase shipping labels, make them yourself, confirm orders, and track them when Amazon’s carrier network is delivering them.

In conclusion, if you want to make a business out of selling your books in a wider, more global market, Amazon is your best bet. However, it will be necessary to establish an action plan and strategically manage the development of the project.