Productos sujetos a autorización

Amazon Categories and Products Subject to Authorization

Users always expect to be able to shop on Amazon with maximum security. For that reason, the platform has implemented some restrictions that every seller should take into account when listing their products.

Products in categories that require approval can only be listed with Amazon’s specific permissions. So, if you’re thinking of starting to sell on this great marketplace, you should be aware of all the laws, regulations, and approval policies of the platform.

Before you start listing your products on Amazon, we recommend that you review Amazon’s restrictions policy carefully and make sure that your product meets all the requirements. Below, we’ll explain what the authorization process consists of and the aspects it includes, such as requests for documentation, performance checks, and more.

In the event that you want to venture into the world of Amazon and start selling your products on the platform, Nozama Solutions has the best professionals at your service to inform you and avoid any restrictions that your product may suffer.

What are Amazon Category, Product, and Content Restrictions?

All products, listings , and categories must comply with Amazon legislation. In the event that the platform determines that a product’s detail page contains content that is prohibited or inappropriate for legal purposes, the marketplace shall have the full right to remove or modify it without prior notice.

On the other hand, if you offer a product that violates the law or any of Amazon’s policies, the platform may terminate the product. Listing, remove or suspend your selling privileges immediately, delete inventory held in Amazon fulfillment centers without refund, return inventory, and end the business relationship.

In addition, the sale of illegal or dangerous products can result in civil and criminal penalties. Because you are legally responsible for your actions and transactions, you will need to inform yourself about the relevant legal parameters regarding the products you put up for sale on Amazon Spain.

The restricted categories and products are:

  • Alcohol
  • Animals and animal products
  • Car & Motorbike
  • Apparel & Accessories
  • Cosmetics
  • Currency, Coins, Cash Equivalents, and Gift Cards
  • Medications, Dietary Supplements, Drugs, and Related Items
  • Electronics
  • Food & Beverage
  • Betting & Lotteries
  • Dangerous products
  • Jewelry
  • Medical Devices
  • Offensive and controversial material
  • Sexual & Erotic Products
  • Tobacco, e-cigarettes, and related products
  • Weapons
  • Other

Are There Other Amazon Category, Product, and Content Restrictions Policies?


  • Some categories require prior approval from Amazon to be authorized to sell in them.
  • If you manage your products through FBA, you should review the Product Restrictions, which lists products that are not eligible for FBA.
  • If you wish to list your products internationally, you are responsible for ensuring that they comply with applicable regulations and legislation. For more details, please visit: Important Information for International Sellers
  • Products must meet all compliance and safety requirements. To learn more, please visit: Product Safety & Compliance.
  • In addition, products that do not comply with intellectual property laws are prohibited: Amazon Intellectual Property Policy.
  • Products from restricted regions and countries: Amazon’s current commerce policy prohibits the sale of products from or produced in: North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Iran, Crimea Region, and Donetsk People’s Republic, and cotton from Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan is also prohibited.
  • Prohibited Parties: Amazon’s current business policy includes not transacting with individuals, entities, and governments identified by the United States, the European Union, or other countries as engaging in terrorism, narcotics trafficking, arms proliferation, and other activities that endanger the national security, foreign policies, or economies of such countries; in addition to individuals or entities with sanctions or other applicable trade control restrictions.

If any of your products have been influenced by these restrictions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you with everything you need so that your products comply with the established laws and reach the highest number of sales.

Excluded Products Resources

Occasionally, Amazon’s systems may remove products whose sale is allowed on the marketplace. This happens when the information provided for that product is incomplete or incorrect, or because Amazon’s systems mistakenly identify a product as restricted. On the other hand, there are certain products that, although legal, are prohibited by Amazon’s policies.

If you believe your product has been excluded in error, you can contact Selling Partner Support so that the restriction can be reviewed. You can also write us a short message about what you need and we will contact you.

Applying for Approval to List Products Subject to Authorization: Step by Step


You can apply for approval to list products that are subject to approval by following a few simple steps. If you don’t have the time or the necessary resources, at Nozama Solutions we can help you and facilitate the whole process so that your products do not suffer inconveniences when it comes to being published.

If you’d like to request access to list an existing product that includes authorization in the Amazon catalog, you need to follow these steps:

1. Log in to Seller Central.
2. Go to “Catalog” and select “Add Products”.
3. Search for the product you want to sell.
4. In the search results, select “Requires authorization” next to the relevant product.
5. Select “Request Authorization” to begin the application process.

How to Get Approval for Category Restrictions?

If you want to add a new product to your Amazon catalog in one of the restricted categories listed above, simply click “Request Authorization” and then submit the necessary information related to your product.

However, you should be aware that there is a possibility that additional limitations may be added to certain listings, both to the ASIN and to the brand or subcategory. When you try to list products with additional requirements, you’ll see “Requires authorization” next to the product.

Other Products and Programs Subject to Authorization

Even if some categories are not in Amazon’s restricted access categories, there is a possibility that you may need to obtain access in order to sell certain products in that category.

Amazon’s policies include that certain products sold on Amazon’s website must meet specified certification standards. For more information on this topic, please go to Products Requiring Additional Authorization.

The categories of Amazon products and services we talk about are as follows:

  • Electronic Personal Mobility Devices
  • Electronics
  • Amazon Accelerator
  • Amazon Renewed
  • Launchpad

How can we help you?

If you have any questions about the restrictions on categories, products and content, please contact us, we are happy to help you get your products anywhere without suffering any inconvenience. See you soon!

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