Amazon beta App

Amazon launches beta version on its TikTok-style app


  • It’s a fusion between Instagram Reels and Youtube Shorts
  • The technology platform seeks to promote its own products in an interactive and fun format


Amazon has launched a beta version in its app’s feed with a TikTok-style short video format. In this case, the content is aimed at promoting your products to boost their sales among users related to the platform. Everything indicates that product videos will be created as an advertising spot.

This new version has been titled “inspire”, and can be found by clicking on the diamond-shaped icon at the bottom of the app. When the customer clicks, Amazon product content will appear on the screen in image and video format. Currently, they are testing it internally so it is not yet available.

We are talking about a version in testing, the performance of this new format is being evaluated, although, as reported by the American media Wall Street Journal, all indications are that it will be a merger between the Reels from Instagram and the Youtube Shorts to make a dynamic, interactive, and fun feed similar to the YouTube interface. TikTok.

And, as we have seen, Amazon’s product recommendations on the Chinese social network are very popular, so why not redirect the affiliate links that flood TikTok directly to your store? It remains to be seen whether it will make sense for Amazon to recommend products that it sells itself. However, we are still waiting for more news about this potential release.