El Brand Referral Bonus

Amazon Launches Brand Referral Bonus

  • Amazon launches the Brand Referral Bonus, a bonus for brands that link their marketing campaigns to Amazon instead of their website.
  • Those who join this program will get a bonus with an average of 10% of product sales, based on the traffic they drive from other platforms.


Amazon is looking for the collaboration of brands to drive as much traffic as possible to its marketplace. The e-commerce giant wants to incentivize those companies that, from other platforms, redirect their customers to Amazon to make their final purchase there.

How do you intend to achieve this? Through the launch of the Brand Referral Bonus, a program that joins the reduction of the transaction fee from the typical 15% to just 5% that Amazon is already applying to sales that originate from the websites of the brands themselves.

What is the Brand Referral Bonus?

The Brand Referral Bonus is a bonus program that brands can sign up to get an average of 10% of product sales driven by marketing campaigns outside of Amazon.

The bonus rate varies depending on the category and the total traffic that is diverted to Amazon from the e-commerce’s own website, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or any marketing campaign launched from another platform.

Amazon offers brands a bonus for product purchases that customers make up to 14 days after clicking on an ad. Thus, the more traffic volume they generate for you, the more opportunities they have to earn it.

Jezz Bezos’ company doesn’t pay the brand directly, but can use the bonus earned as a credit to deduct future transaction fees.

What are the goals of Brand Referral Bonus?

Amazon’s ultimate goal is to incentivize brands to use all marketing levers, both On Amazon and Off Amazon, thus increasing traffic to product listings.

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