Buy with Prime

Amazon launches “Buy with Prime”, an initiative to generate Prime sales outside the Marketplace environment


  • Since the middle of this year 2022, Amazon has launched this new service that will allow millions of Prime customers to enjoy the advantages of the ecommerce giant in other online stores.
  • The new service offers the full Amazon Prime experience, free shipping speed, free returns, and a frictionless check-out experience.
  • At the moment, it is only available to Prime customers in the US, but it is expected to be established in other countries in Europe soon.


With this move, Amazon expands its networks into other ecommerce stores. During this year and by invitation, selling companies will be able to integrate a “Buy with Prime” button in the product sheets of their private ecommerce.

Prime customers will find a “Buy with Prime” button in their online shopping sessions in other e-commerces, which will make it easier for them to pay and ship, since the data stored by the customer on Amazon will be used, offering effective shipping and receiving notifications of it, once the order has been completed.


Companies that have FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) will have it very easy to integrate “Buy with Prime” into their ecommerce since their inventories are already stored in Amazon’s fulfillment centers. To get started, interested businesses will need to sign up for this new initiative, connect an Amazon Seller Central account and an Amazon Pay payment account, and use Multichannel Fulfillment. In addition, they will have to install a JavaScript plugin in their ecommerce to be able to get the “Buy with Prime” button.

Once these procedures have been carried out, the companies will receive the information of the orders, including the email accounts from which the orders have been placed, in order to be able to carry out customer service work and implement upselling and loyalty actions.


We hope that this novelty of the PRIME service will improve the benefits for Prime customers in Spain since the cost of the subscription will increase in September by almost 43%, standing at an annual cost of €49.90.


We’ll keep an eye out.