Amazon Second-Hand: How to Reuse Returns


I’m sure you’re more than familiar with online shopping and Amazon is one of your benchmarks in this sector. One of the things that strikes us most about online shopping with services such as Amazon Prime is the agility of management, the speed of delivery and the convenience of the entire process. Along with all this, Amazon goes a step further, did you know that you can also buy second-hand, pre-owned or refurbished products on this platform at very competitive prices? Here’s how it works.


What is Amazon Second Hand?

This is a section of Amazon that offers some of the most sought-after products with discounts and surprising offers due to their condition, which can be, such as new, open box, or pre-owned. Among these products you can find big brands such as Apple, Amazon (Fire, Echo, Kindle) and many others at surprising prices.

It should be noted that all the products sold in this section are usually products returned by their original buyers and that they always go through an exhaustive recognition and analysis in order to ensure their operation and quality before being put back on sale.

In this blog we have talked about how to avoid returns on Amazon and sustainable solutions, but when these are irremediably carried out, Amazon staff do everything in their part to give products a new chance to be used.

Classification of second-hand products

Once the products have been analyzed, Amazon labels them so that the buyer knows in detail the condition and condition of the item before buying it. The labels by which you can identify the condition of the products are the following:

  • Refurbished: These are refurbished products, inspected by Amazon through a reconnaissance test, software update, and thorough cleaning. These products have minimal to no signs of wear and tear. In addition, they include the Amazon Renewal Guarantee that offers up to 90 days to request a replacement or refund for the product in case you are not satisfied with its condition.
  • Used – Like new: These are products that have hardly any defects and, if they do, they are minimal and merely aesthetic. They are usually products that were returned by the customer a few days after their purchase because they changed their mind with their purchase. Its packaging may have minor defects.
  • Used – Very good: These are items with small aesthetic imperfections and poorly maintained packaging. They can be products returned due to some cosmetic damage during transport. Its operation is perfect.
  • Used – Good: In this case the item may show more signs of wear, but its performance is still more than optimal. Your packaging may also be damaged.
  • Used – Acceptable: In this category among products with more variable condition, since there may be absence of some parts or more visible damage internally and externally. It is a very good option in the case of looking for spare parts for some parts.

For the purchase of used second-hand products, Amazon offers free replacements within a 30-day period as long as products in the same category are available.

It is important that when purchasing second-hand products from Amazon you make sure that they are sold or managed by Amazon Wherehouse, as it is the way to ensure that their guarantees and qualities are managed by Amazon, since there are many other stores that sell refurbished products through Amazon and that have their own guarantees.

This Amazon alternative offers the possibility of acquiring products from top brands at more than competitive prices and with the assurance that their qualities and conditions are faithfully certified by Amazon. In addition to being a savings alternative, it is an ideal way to give a second life to thousands of products, doing a great favor to the planet and your wallet, it’s your time, get into the Second Hand!