Amazon Prime Student: what is it and what are its advantages?


College is an exciting journey full of discovery, growth, and challenges. However, we can’t deny that it’s also a vital moment that puts our time management, finances, and resources to the test. But what if we told you that there is an ally that can make college life more affordable?


What is Amazon Prime Student?

Get ready to get to know Amazon Prime Student! A membership program designed exclusively for college students with the goal of providing them with an experience full of advantages.

In this article, we’ll explore all the information you need to know about this program.


Price Advantage

Amazon Prime Student has no major mystery: it offers Amazon Prime sales at a reduced price for students. It is therefore an economic advantage over the standard Prime membership: €2.49/month vs €4.99/month. There is also a one-time annual payment option of €24.95, saving two months for free. In addition, they have a 90-day free trial promotion in collaboration with Microsoft Surface, only for new customers.

Fast & Free Shipping

Say goodbye to endless waits or worries about delivering essential materials. Amazon Prime Student has designed a solution to optimize time and gain greater peace of mind. With this subscription, your textbooks and study materials will arrive at your door in record time and at no additional cost. Academic resources at your fingertips!

Exclusive Offers

From innovative technology to fashion and much more, with Prime Student you will have discounts and promotions that are very useful to manage your financial resources wisely. This way, you can enjoy high-quality products while ensuring significant savings on your budget.

Streaming movies and series

We know that college life can be quite hectic between classes, exams, assignments,… That’s why you also deserve a space to disconnect and relax. With Prime Student you will have access to the famous Prime Video, which can become your haven of entertainment thanks to its extensive library of movies and series ranging from the classics to the most recent hits.

Soundtrack for your life

Your academic journey deserves a soundtrack that motivates you and accompanies you every step of the way. Again, the Prime Student subscription also guarantees that you can enjoy Amazon Music services. This tool offers millions of songs and playlists to suit a myriad of musical tastes and needs, from soothing melodies to keep you focused to beats that will keep you moving.

Literary world

Reading is another good way to disconnect in the most stressful moments. A Prime Student membership opens the doors to an infinite literary world with Prime Reading: a wide selection of e-books and magazines covering a variety of genres and topics.

Games & Live Entertainment

For video game lovers, Amazon Prime Student has a special surprise in store: Twitch Prime. This feature gives you access to a unique gaming experience with free games, live content, and exclusive perks on the most popular video game streaming platform. Immerse yourself in the most exciting adventures!

Photo Storage

A little-known utility of Prime accounts is Amazon Photos. Unlimited space in the cloud to store photos safely, without lowering their resolution or quality.


In order to enjoy the student discount when you sign up for Prime Student, Amazon will ask you for a series of requirements:

  • Have a account.
  • Be enrolled in a university institution.
  • Provide proof of enrollment, if requested by Amazon.
  • Have an email address provided by your university institution (if you do not have one, proof of enrolment would suffice).


With Prime Student, the college experience is transformed into more than just studying and attending classes. This program gives you the opportunity to make the most of your time, providing you with comfort, savings, and fun. Join the Prime Student community and discover a new way to live college life!