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Amazon Releases Its First Report on Brand Protection


In a year marked by challenges and change, Amazon has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to market integrity and protecting its customers, brands, and business partners. With the release of its first-ever 2020 Brand Protection Report, the leading e-commerce company has shed light on its tireless efforts to combat counterfeiting and fraud on its platform.

The report, authored by Dharmesh Mehta, Vice President of Customer Trust and Selling Partner Support, shows Amazon’s progress in reducing counterfeiting to zero globally on the marketplace. The report also includes information on the innovative practices the platform has implemented to protect its stores from fraud and abuse.

On the other hand, the brand protection report outlines Amazon’s anti-counterfeiting measures, which include proactive controls and other tools of interest to brands such as Brand Registry, Transparency, and Project Zero.

Amazon invested more than $700 million to protect its stores from fraud and employed more than 10,000 people to do so. In addition, the platform has assured that it will continue to invest and innovate to protect customers, brands and sales partners, and that greater collaboration with brands and law enforcement is expected to sanction counterfeiters.

In summary, Amazon’s first-ever Brand Protection Report marks a significant milestone in the fight against counterfeiting in e-commerce. Not only does Amazon demonstrate its leadership in this field, but it also sets a high standard for transparency and accountability in the industry as a whole.