Amazon Seller Central

Amazon Seller Central How to Open an Account

Brands that want to use the marketplace to sell products to their end customers need to open an account on Amazon Seller Central.

To sign up, you need to choose a subscription plan and fill out forms with information regarding the company, seller, and payments.

To access Amazon and start offering products through its platform, you need to have a registered professional account. Brands that want to offer products to the end customer through the marketplace must open and manage it themselves through the Amazon Seller Central platform.

Having a Seller account allows sellers to exercise full control over their stock, set prices for products in their catalog, manage their inventory in a more accessible way, and choose between using their own logistics or Amazon’s to store and deliver.

In addition to these advantages, Sellers also control the offer since they are the ones who sell directly to the end customer, they can access a large number of promotions, see transactions and have more information about the purchase conditions that their customers finally accept.


What steps do you need to take to open a Seller account on Amazon?

The first thing to do is to sign up for Amazon Seller Central with a valid username and password. It should be noted that Sellers who choose to sign up for the individual plan (limited to 40 items) pay €0.99 per sale. Meanwhile, those who decide to do it on the professional plan, pay 39 euros per month, regardless of what the total volume of sales is.

Once the subscription plan has been decided, the account registration is completed by providing all the required documentation that should be prepared in advance. Amazon needs to know the phone number, email address, and other company details such as contact details or VAT. In addition, it requires the seller’s passport or national identity card, payment credit card, and the bank account to which you will send the proceeds of sales.

All the information is completed, in a guided way, through forms organized in five tabs that correspond to: the company information, the seller information, the payment information, the additional information and the name of the store.

Amazon validates the identity of the person acting as a representative using a PIN code that they provide via SMS or automated call. It also requires and verifies other types of documentation related to the bank account, the deposit method for the marketplaces that are open or the company’s own incorporation, registration and address data.

When you complete all the tabs, you can now access the Amazon Seller Central interface, although you will probably have to wait a while to create your product listings.

The U.S. company examines all this data to assess whether the requirements are met and, in the event that the company is validated by Amazon, it will be able to use the Seller Central portal to publish its catalog, track and update inventory, access statistics and reports on sales or manage payments. among other tasks.

It may happen that Amazon decides to block an account, that there are problems completing the entire opening process, or that the documentation provided is not correct. At Nozama we help you solve any situation so that you can start selling on Amazon.

Keep an eye on our blog! We’ll have more tips on Amazon Seller Central soon so you can upload your listing and avoid product blocks.