Amazon Small & Light Products: Reduce Your FBA Logistics Costs

  • Amazon lowers its FBA fees for Seller sellers who sign up for the Amazon Small & Light program.
  • The goal is for brands to be able to offer better discounts to their customers and exploit the great potential that these types of products have in new markets.


Faced with the need to reduce fees for Sellers who choose to sell certain items using Amazon’s logistics warehouses and shipping and returns management, the American company offers different really competitive sales opportunities.

It is a series of programs for FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) that can be combined and that are very advantageous for brands that have catalogs of customizable, handmade, refurbished and second-hand products, large and bulky or small and light, among others.

What are the benefits of the Amazon Small & Light program?

The Small & Light Products program seeks to lower logistics costs for these types of items, improving your profit margins per product and allowing greater discounts for customers.

If you sign up for this program, you will also benefit from all the advantages of having a Seller account on FBA. On the one hand, you will be able to access global markets, expanding your business nationally or internationally to reach the millions of active shoppers currently on the platform and offer Prime customers free shipping with very short delivery times. And, on the other hand, you will be able to obtain the trust that you have previously placed in Amazon and that will therefore be extended to your own brand.

What kind of products does Amazon consider eligible for this program?

The Small & Light products program is suitable for items that meet a number of requirements: a weight of up to 225 grams, a maximum size of 33x23x5 cm, a RRP that does not exceed 10 euros and a fast-moving ASIN.

Amazon also specifies that only ASINs that have achieved sales of 10 units or more in the last 4 weeks are eligible for this type of program. In addition, the quantity per shipment to your warehouse must be at least 24 units per ASIN.

What fulfillment fees apply?

The Small & Light program is intended for goods that can be shipped in envelopes of different sizes. Depending on the weight and dimensions of the product, fees ranging from €1.35 to €2.18 will apply depending on the envelope in which they are packed. Amazon’s fulfillment costs are as follows:

  • €1.35 for a small envelope with products of 80 g and 20x15x1cm maximum.
  • €1.52 for a standard sachet: with products of 60 g and 33x23x2.5 cm maximum.
  • €1.65 for a standard envelope with products from 61 to 210 g and 33x23x2.5 maximum.
  • 2.18 for a large envelope with products of 225 g and 33x23x5 cm maximum.

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