Amazon stores

Amazon Stores: what they are and what benefits they offer

Did you know that Amazon is the largest marketplace that exists today? If you are considering launching into e-commerce, you will find it interesting to know that any brand has the possibility of creating its own store within the platform.

What are Amazon Stores?

Amazon Stores are a tool that allows sellers to design custom stores to showcase their products and maintain their brand’s corporate identity within the platform. It’s like having a virtual showcase of your products within Amazon, improving the shopping experience for consumers.

These stores are a good opportunity for customer loyalty on Amazon. The main features of Amazon Stores are as follows:


Stores on Amazon offer an immersive, multi-page shopping experience and allow you to include multiple photos, text, and videos. Unlike A+ enhanced content, which is designed to optimize a single product listing, Amazon stores are like “micro-sites” that can have up to three levels with multiple pages on each of them including a homepage, a category page, and a product detail page.

In addition, Amazon Stores allow you to incorporate your own navigation menu so that the user can better interact with the different categories and products. Thanks to this format, we can generate a more complete view of the catalog and the different products of the company.


Thanks to this tool, we can create a store based on our criteria and with a custom design. In addition to the graphic elements (text, images, charts, video, photo galleries, etc.), we can choose the layout and size of them within the Store. We even have the option to include a section with best-selling items or recommended products.

Friendly URLs

Although it may not seem like it at first, the URL is a very important element for branding. With Stores, you’ll get your own web address that will be indexed in search engines.

The “” URL will attract more shoppers to your Store and is a really powerful element because of the association that users are going to make between the two brands.

More comprehensive analytics

Amazon Stores offers much more advanced statistics, which will allow you to learn more details about how your Amazon presence is performing. For example, you’ll be able to see which pages generate the most traffic and where visits are coming from. This information will be very useful when it comes to optimizing your ad campaigns.

Who can open the Amazon Store?

Sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, vendors, and agencies can create Stores. You don’t need to advertise on Amazon to create a Store, and there’s no additional cost.

Plus, you don’t need coding skills to design your Store. There are pre-designed templates that we can customize with different multimedia elements and the content boxes can be easily dragged and dropped.

The Bodegas Grupo Yllera Store is a good example to follow. In this case, the brand has used a hero image of a winery in the header, the logo with the brand is clearly perceived and in the menu there are different options from which the user can choose (Wines – Winery).

On the other hand, the design is attractive and visual, the quality of the images is good, and the overall aesthetic matches the kind of products the brand is promoting.

If you want us to help you create your Amazon Store, contact Nozama Solutions, the largest Spanish-speaking agency specializing in Amazon. We’ll be happy to help!

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