Dispositivos inteligentes Amazon

Amazon wants to change your life: do you know all their smart devices?


  • Jeff Bezos’ company has not only conquered the world with its marketplace or its audiovisual productions, but also aims to change the lives of users.
  • With the launch of Alexa and all its connected devices, it has managed to make the future that could only be imagined years ago a reality.


It is a reality that Amazon is present in all areas of life: from being able to buy all kinds of products, to watching first-class audiovisual productions, through cloud services, intelligent and autonomous robots or supermarkets where you don’t have to go to the checkout.

Their main goal is always the same: the customer. For this reason, their services are focused on making your life easier as a consumer, through a simple system of payments, fast returns, 24-hour deliveries, etc.

But, in addition to all these services, Amazon wants to help you make your day-to-day life easier, faster, and simpler through smart and connected devices. You probably know Alexa, its virtual assistant, but do you know the rest of the gadgets that will turn your home into one worthy of science fiction movies?


Alexa and all your Echo


It’s probably the most well-known of the entire product range, and the question really should be “who doesn’t know Alexa?”. Amazon’s virtual assistant has become the great engine of the connected home of the future, in the present.

Thanks to its extremely sophisticated artificial intelligence, it is capable of understanding, processing and carrying out millions of commands by voice. This way, you can use it to fully manage every function in your home, such as turning on the lights, raising the blinds, turning on the TV, playing music, listening to the radio, or simply asking questions like, “What’s the weather?”

Alexa is a software that understands and processes the commands you give it, but it needs a series of devices through which to collect your voice and issue the response: the Amazon Echo.

These devices can be found in different sizes, colors and shapes, depending on the generation to which they belong and the needs you have. They have to be connected to the mains, to the WiFi network of your home and they are the key to everything.

In fact, you can find them with powerful sound systems, such as the Echo Studio, which has Dolby Atmos technology; or the most recent 4th generation Echo, which you can complete with the Echo Sub for professional-quality bass sounds.

On the other hand, we also find the Echo Show, which has a screen through which you can visually interact with the entire environment of your home. Plus, it includes a camera so you can see what’s going on in your home when you’re away.

Finally, Alexa doesn’t leave you when you hit the streets. With the Echo Buds, Amazon’s wireless earbuds, you can take it anywhere; and even when you’re in the car, you’ll be able to have it with you thanks to the Echo Auto. This way, you can ask them for things on the way home, such as turning on the heating for when you arrive or having the oven preheated.


Entertainment by a tube


Another of its best-known devices are the Kindle, the electronic books with which the Seattle company revolutionized the world of reading and entertainment back in 2007. Currently, the number of models is huge, and you can find it in different sizes, capacities, screen formats, etc.

On the other hand, there are the Fire tablets, which allow you to enjoy the best series, books, games, and more. In the same vein we find the Fire TV Stick, which serve to turn your conventional TV into a smart one and even manage everything with voice commands. And if we want to take it a step further, there’s the Fire TV Cube, which is Amazon’s most powerful media player.


Surveillance system? Fact


Feeling safe and secure in your own home is a must. That’s why Amazon offers you a wide variety of sensors and devices so that you can keep an eye on every corner of your home.

To begin with, with the Ring intercom you will be able to see who is knocking on your door and even detect if there is movement in the vicinity of your entrance. On the other hand, with Blink cameras you can control both the inside of your house and the outside, even when there is no electricity thanks to the wireless model.

But if you are looking for an alarm system, what you need is the Ring Alarm kit, which includes different types of sensors and detectors that will offer you real-time information about what is happening in your home. In addition, you can complete it to your liking with more devices and even sirens, all so that you feel 100% safe and always with the convenience of being connected to Alexa.


Completely revolutionize your home


Finally, we bring you three devices that will allow you to finish automating your home. First of all, the Amazon eero (yes, lowercase) is a WiFi router that connects to your modem and provides you with a stable and fast connection for all your devices in a range of 140 m², being able to link several if you want to cover more space.

Secondly, with Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor you will be able to measure air quality at all times and thus control aspects such as temperature, humidity or pollution and breathe the best possible air.

And last but not least, because it is in fact one of the most useful devices, the Amazon Smart Plug. It’s all about the smart plug. What is it for? To be able to activate through Alexa any electronic device that does not have the possibility of connecting via WiFi to the rest of the house. With it, you can, for example, tell Alexa to turn on the coffee maker, heater, air conditioner or start your computer.

As you have seen, controlling all aspects of your home with your voice and in an intelligent way is a reality. Now, thanks to Amazon, you’ll be able to save time on your tasks and focus on what really matters: enjoying life.