Amazon Locker Hub

Are you familiar with Amazon Locker Hub? Receive your orders even when you’re not at home


  • The convenience of receiving packages the next day at your home is often clouded by the possibility that you will not be there when the delivery person arrives.
  • Amazon Locker Hub puts an end to this problem and allows you to choose where you want a package saved for pickup when you can.


Online shopping has changed our lives. The possibility of buying any product from the comfort of our sofa and calmly waiting for it to arrive at home saves us a lot of time, money and, why not say it, puts an end to the burden and stress of going to a shopping center.

But what happens when we want to buy something while traveling? Or when you know the delivery guy is going to arrive while we’re at work? Well, Amazon has thought about all these situations and has put a solution to them: Amazon Locker Hub.

Do you want to know more about this new possibility to buy Jeff Bezos’ platform? Read on. At Nozama Solutions we always keep you informed about the latest news from the world’s largest marketplace .

What is Amazon Locker?

This is a locker service placed in certain establishments, such as petrol stations, restaurants, supermarkets or shopping centres; that you can choose as a destination for your Amazon order to be deposited there.

They are made of metal and have a security system that ensures that only the person who placed the order can open their locker. This way you can have peace of mind that no one will have the possibility to take your package from you.

Thus, Amazon eliminates the tedious problem of having to go to the transport company’s office to pick up the order that the delivery person has not been able to deliver to your home because no one is there. This solution is ideal for those who, due to their work or for various reasons, do not spend time at home.

It is also a very interesting option if you want to buy an Amazon product when you are traveling.

How to use it?

The first thing you need to do when ordering is to choose an Amazon Hub Locker as your pick-up point and check its location and opening hours. Keep in mind that not all orders are likely to be chosen for this delivery methodology.

Once your order has been delivered to the pick-up point, you will receive an email notification with instructions and, most importantly, a code to be able to open the locker. It is also possible that, instead of a code, you will find a “Start Pickup” button that, when pressed, causes it to open through your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection.

In any case, the way it works is quite simple and intuitive and you will simply have to follow the instructions that arrive in your email to be able to enjoy this service.

The only limitation that the service has, apart from the size (logically there are no lockers large enough to house a television) is that you have to pick up the order within a maximum period of 3 days from its delivery. If you fail to do so, the item will be returned to Amazon and you will receive a full refund.