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Boosting branding on Amazon: how it influences sales

● By boosting branding on Amazon, you will increase your brand awareness and make it easier for buyers to associate your products with your name.
● Investing in advertising campaigns and using specific content on Amazon is key to conveying your brand values and increasing your sales.

The e-commerce business is growing and more and more brands are deciding to register with Amazon to offer very similar products to millions of customers. Now more than ever, it is necessary to stand out, build trust and highlight the values of your brand to increase your sales.

Boost your brand image on Amazon so that your potential buyers know about it and easily relate your products to it. Establish a good strategy and gain more relevance, prestige and recognition. In the long run, you’ll notice its positive effects on sales. If you want to know how to do it, read on!

How to boost branding on Amazon?

You’ll need to create different advertising campaigns within the marketplace. Sponsored Brands ads will increase your visibility and get your brand featured on Amazon’s search results page.

This type of campaign positions your products at the top, on the side, or in the middle of this page and displays them next to the logo or brand image. In addition, they will serve to drive traffic to your store and make users aware of your entire product catalog.

You’ll also be able to create more engaging video ads thanks to Sponsored Brand Video. Or, if you prefer, implement Sponsored Display campaigns to make your banners display on the detail pages of similar products sold by your competitors.

Another way to reinforce branding on Amazon is to include a Brand Story on your product detail page. These new A+s are the ideal space to tell your story and convey your brand values. In an attractive way, you will be able to easily connect with your customers and drive them to your store within the platform.

Outside of Amazon, you should also focus on planning marketing and advertising campaigns that convey coherence and enhance your branding. Use Facebook Ads and Google Ads and revert all the conversion they generate to Amazon.

You can network with influencers or bloggers to include your brand’s products among the recommendations of their posts. When a customer searches for your items or brand through other channels, they can easily reach the purchase page of your products on Amazon.

How will branding affect your sales?

Even if the main goal of branding isn’t to get shoppers on Amazon to buy your products, it’s important that you allocate a portion of your budget to it. It’s likely that, at first, you’ll think that your expenses in this type of campaign are too high and you won’t get the return you expect. However, any investment you make in branding will have a positive impact on your sales in the medium or long term.

To get started, you’ll need to set more affordable prices, include discounts, and run attractive promotions that spark interest in your products. Once you gain more recognition, you will be able to include new versions with improved items and launch lines with special collaborations at higher prices.

If you get users to recognize your products and search directly for your brand on Amazon, your name will be included as a suggested search term when another customer uses the search engine to find similar items. You’ll be feeding the cycle: you’ll get more visibility, more sales, and more brand awareness within the platform.

At Nozama, we analyze your store and brand metrics on Amazon and put all our resources at your disposal to enhance your branding and indirectly increase your sales.